unknownArguably one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time th Stray Cats leader brian Setzer has hinted that the band could reform next year.

Setzer was talking to the Orange County Register about his upcoming 13th Annual Christmas Rocks! Tour with The Brian Setzer Orchestra, when the band that made him famous came up. He confirmed that he’s been talking to bassist Lee Rocker and drummer Slim Jim Phantom about touring again.
“Yeah, you know what, we will do it,” Setzer said. “Yes, we will.”

The 57 year old tattooed up cool band leader added.

“We want to play together again,” he said. “We’ve gotta do that again. We’re a special band, we really have good chemistry. I don’t know when we’ll do it, but hopefully before I lose my pompadour.”

With more heavy hints at reforming he had strong words of praise for his former band mates saying Slim Jim just rocks and of Rocker “There’s nothing else like him, he’s the best bass player.”

“I miss it,” he said.“Especially now, I mean let’s face it, we’re not kids anymore. We’re getting older and when we talk about the stuff that we did and that feeling we had of taking over the world, as silly as that sounds now, it really takes us back and now I’m like, ‘Oh Gosh, we’re still here!’ We’re still here and we can play our asses off, so, let’s play!”

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