Stop the demolition of Tin Pan Alley/Denmark St and the 12 Bar now- join the campaign

Petition launched on to lobby Camden Council and English Heritage. Sign and share to keep Denmark Street and The 12 Bar alive

The relentless march of the concrete spewing beasts continues. Not content with demolishing the world famous Twisted Wheel club in Manchester, the space where northern soul was invented, so they could build themselves a posh hotel to stay in and listen to piped music and sneer at the peasants walking past in the rain, faceless developers are descending on London to demolish the equally world famous Tin Pan Alley and turn it into equally charmless concrete towers that will lock everyone out whilst they count their money.

Tin Pan Alley or Denmark St is the heartbeat of British music culture with its music shops and its long history- it’s the place where bands in the 50s and 60s would buy songs and find managers, in the seventies the Sex Pistols rehearsed there and in the modern times it’s a warren of great guitar shops and a rare part of London to retina any character in the relentless march of the rich and bland and it’s also the home of 12BAR, the uniquely brilliant small venue that is the key stepping stone for bands of all styles of music to play in London.

We cannot allow this to happen – it’s time to make a stand against corporate greed and hang onto the crumbs of our culture.

Please go to this petition link and sign now:

Denmark Street is under threat and we are part of group trying to do everything possible to stop that happening by raising awareness and petitioning Camden Council and English Heritage. Please share on your page that would help greatly to spread the word. (Save the 12 Bar campaign).

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  1. My manager had his office in Denmark Street in the ’70s and I have played the 12 Bar. Such history in that amazing street, it should be given a Grade 2 listing, not demolished!

    • English Heritage say that they are ‘monitoring’ developments and are currently ‘satisfied’ with the situation! Perhaps they should stick looking after mansion Houses in the sticks.

  2. Damn, Enterprise Studios must be under threat too, adjacent to the 12 Bar Club. Great studio that is, central London but nicely priced and friendly.

  3. To remove or change any part of such an historical area in London is just adding to the lack of history and knowledge that younger generations have access to. The Future is important, there is no future without a historical past. KEEP DENMARK STREET.

  4. Enough already …too many areas of cultural importance have been wrecked ..they want people to visit London yet when they arrive places of interest have been eradicated.

  5. Culture can not be rolled out. Built from concrete, stain steel and ‘grand’ coffee cups. It grows, twists and turns. Step by step, moment by moment, person by person. Please leave to grow.

  6. Let’s keep the red brick buildings rather than your new square boxes the councils like to throw up!

  7. Don’t Bin Tin Pan Alley – Save Denmark Street & Save The 12 Bar Club

    Synonymous with popular music Denmark Street is scheduled for redevelopment on the north side in late October. A petition called ‘Don’t Bin Tin Pan Alley’ was set up to stop this in May and has since received 11,900 signatures. The petition is on the desks of the desks of Camden’s Development Committee who seem to be satisfied with the current scenario while opting to ignore our campaign in favour of the developers, who have some interesting ideas. But this will mean the demolition of Denmark Place and St Giles Circus and the saxophone shop in Denmark St.

    We have had tremendous support from profile musicians as diverse as David Essex, Marc Almond, Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, Boz Boorer of The Smiths, soul singer Linda Lewis, and the Jim Jones Review; to name but six. Every musician in the land is aware of this scenario, but many Londoners appear to know nothing about this – even at this eleventh hour!

    Features appeared in this month’s Classic Rock magazine and Uncut (p7) as well as earlier in NME, MOJO, The West End Extra, MIP Pro magazine and Louder Than War. The news has even reached as far as TV New Zealand.

    We now need to up our game as we feel that although the street may be potentially retained as a ‘street of music related shops’, the future of the historic Forge, aka The 12 Bar Club, remains in the balance. This 17th century building is possibly the oldest surviving Forge in London. The 12 Bar is 21 years old and much loved for introducing new bands 7 days a week. Jeff Buckley, Keane and Adele all played their first London shows here. The Libertines made their first DVD there, too.

    Quotes in support of The Denmark St Campaign

    Mick Avory – drummer with The Kinks from 1964-1984: “I bought my drum kit from Andy’s Drum Store in Denmark Street and I recorded many drums sessions at Regent Sounds at number 4 Denmark Street”

    Will Birch – musician, drummer, songwriter in The Kursaal Flyers and The Records; and author of No Sleep Till Canvey Island plus Ian Dury – The Definitive Biography. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and London needs to retain its history for future generations.”

    Chris Blackwell – founder and former MD of Island Records. “Denmark Street is culturally and musically a very special place, please leave it alone!”

    Phil Coulter – songwriter: “It’s important to me because I wrote hits like Congratulations (for Cliff Richard) and Puppet on a String in the street (for Sandie Shaw)” [And England’s 1970 World Cup theme Back Home]

    Stephanie De Sykes – singer: “Denmark Street was an important part of my life during my career in music, as it had been for my uncle before me in the 1940s and 1950s. There’s too much history here for its destruction to be warranted: on the contrary, it should be designated an area of special historical interest.”

    Chas McDevitt – legendary Skiffle writer/player: “Denmark Street: a precious piece of history”

    Billy Rath – bassist with Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers: “We need to keep open a well established Rock ‘n’ Roll venue… too many have closed down leaving nowhere for new talent to show their stuff. (Re the 12 Bar Club at 27 Denmark Street. Quote from June on Facebook prior to his death on August 16th)

    Paul Stewart, “I ran the legendary Tin Pan Studios during the 80’s where I created produced many great tracks, with musicians ranging from Jimmy Cliff to psychobilly bands like the Rapids and many more. Denmark Street is the historic beating heart of the UK music industry. It must be saved”

    Geoff Whitehorn – lead guitarist in Procol Harum since 1991, also Elkie Brook’s guitarist and Roger Chapman’s guitarist: “Historically, it’s the centre of the UK Music Industry and it would be criminal to disregard that heritage”

    Henry Scott-Irvine September 2014

  8. Denmark St with its iconic bars and shops is a place I have waited 40 years to visit. Upon my arrival today I was informed in passing that the street is to redeveloped at the expense of its enormous heritage and cultural value. How can this be true? I loved my brief time here with my friend, and I will never forget my one and only (?) visit to Tin Can Alley.

  9. My late father was a music copyist, from the late 50’s to 1978 his office was on the top floor at No4 Denmark St, and later in the basement at No6..only just found out about this threat to the street..willing to help in any way I can !!

    • Thanks very much Graham .. Do join the Facebook pages Save Tin Pan Alley (The Event) and Save The 12 Bar Club and sign the petition here httpss://

  10. Online on The BBC till 22.30 on iplayer tonight The Save Denmark St Campaign httpss://

  11. ‘Unique’ has somehow managed to become overused but the 12 bar? Wherever the line is please don’t let these twerps cross it

  12. I bought my first drums from Rose Morris in Denmark Street, I also used to buy comics from Forbidden Planet when they had a shop over the road. Tin Pan Alley wasn’t just a string of shops to me, it was a regular pilgrimage and the most unique road in London. Cross Rail has seen the demise of The Astoria and if this development goes ahead it will be the end of the 12Bar club. The whole of Tottenham Court Road is to be re-developed with gardens around the base of Centre Point, all in an effort to pretty-up what has always been a shabby part of the West End. Who will benefit most from this? Not Londoners, not musicians and music lovers for certain, the only ones to profit from this will be the developers and the uber-rich who will be the only ones able to afford to purchase property in the area. It would take an age to list the number of small venues that have disappeared from London and all the others are under threat from the curse of the developers. Still, we can always sit watching One Direction in Wembley eh?

    • It’s depressing that the super rich can run cities as their own playgrounds bulldozing everyone else out of the way.

  13. Hi, I was at st martins art school in the sixties,and the annex where Freddie Mills the boxer and entertainer was shot outside the front door,all swept away ,now they are going to spoil the one place in London that I still get a sense of excitement from,I bet the developers like good wine ,well it takes years and years of fermenting for a London st to become world famous and a couple of moments with a steel ball to throw the (old) baby out with the bath water .leave the old girl in peace,for history sake


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