STOP PRESS! 12 bar has been squatted – protest gig planned this FridayThe much loved 12 Bar which was shut down last week in the unpopular new development of Denmark Street has been squatted and a protest gig is planned for this Friday. Details are sketchy at this moment. Tread carefully people.

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  1. While I like the idea that there are people out there willing to cause a little chaos in a good cause, let me correct one essential fact:

    The 12 Bar Club has not been squatted.

    It’s the building that used to house the 12 Bar Club that has been squatted.

    Can you spot the difference? Most people, it seems, can’t.

    The 12 Bar Club itself has now reopened at a new location – something that practically nobody has mentioned.

    It’s a little depressing that the people who so loudly claimed to support the 12 Bar Club over the last few weeks can’t be bothered to mention that the club is up and running again. Instead, everybody is focused on the club’s old building. As a result, the false notion that the 12 Bar Club has ‘closed’ is all over the web.

    Even Louder Than War, which you’d think would get its rock ‘n’ roll facts right, simply states that the 12 Bar Club was ‘shut down’ – but does not mention that it almost immediately opened up again.

    With fickle friends like that, the 12 Bar Club certainly doesn’t need enemies!

  2. What an idiotic comment. the 12 Bar was bullied and shunted away to another part of London away from the area that was part and parcel of its appeal. Are you working for the developers? are you handing out misinformation- the ‘new’ 12 Bar is not the 12 bar in spirit- it’s just the name. The squatters are temporarily reclaiming the original 12 bar. Go back to work ruining Soho mate.


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