The great Stool Pigeon, the last stand of the independent music press is to close and become a website.


The music paper was the last great national DIY indie and achieved a remarkable circulation considering it was self distributed by its editor Phil Hebblethwaite. Scurrilous, smart, intelligent, informed and often quite funny it will be sorely missed on the music information scene but at least it will carry on as a website.


In other news the BBC album reviews section is being shut down another loss in what is perhaps a very cluttered indie music media.



  1. This is old news, isn’t it? The announcement was made over a month ago. Here’s my announcement of the announcement from back in February (I also put it on FB, but it’s easier to find old posts here):

    It is also, of course, not really the last stand of the independent music press…there are plenty of other similar newspaper-format music mags out there, and more seem to start up all the time. It seems printing on newsprint is so cheap it’s worth everyone having a go…

  2. The Stool Pigeon is also not continuing as a website. It seems the site will stay up, but will not be updated.

    Phil Hebblethwaite says: “I reserve the right to come back and do something with this site, hopefully alongside my distinguished deputy editor Alex Denney, but not unless we can find a way to fund things properly.”

    Which means he’s leaving his options open, but The Stool Pigeon is not simply carrying on as an online publication.


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