Stone Roses : tour still on! ‘it’s all rosy in the garden’

Stone Roses live in Barcelona

Stone Roses live in Barcelona

Don’t believe the tabloids!

As we thought, Renigate was no more than northern sarcasm, the Stone Roses tour is still on.


A very good source has been in contact with us, with the message ‘it’s all rosy in the garden’


Amsterdam was proof of the great chaos that surrounds the band that walks the tightrope. This tour will not be boring. The band sound great and a bit of confusion and swearing is part of great rock n roll.


All four of the Roses will be playing all the gigs…see you there…


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  1. Nice to see somebody tells the truth.

  2. Great news – thanks for the update John.

  3. Even the booing was all sarcasm, we all just thought they would come back on. Everyone soon remembered they were in amsterdam, got on a train back to the city and carried on having top nights. A couple of bits out of tune but what wont get mentioned was that most of it was unbelievably great and for those of us who weren’t along the first time pretty magical. great extended fools gold. Hope this doesn’t overshadow everything so its all a circus.

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