Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage

The Stone Roses who have always dealt in mystique and a fabulous mystery, so much so that they have slipped so far off the radar since their momentous comeback gigs that their current rumoured label Universal don’t list them on their or Columbia’s website.

There have been hints of action from the group.

Snippets of info about rehearsing and writing.

Frankly we prefer the haziness to hard fact. Too much is known about every band in the world nowadays and operating outside the tittle tattle of internet chatter seems far more dignified for a band like the Roses.

So this disappearance of their labels website could mean everything or nothing

And, of course there could be lots of reasons for this.


1. The band are not signed to any of these labels in the first place.

2. The band prefer to hover beyond the internet and outside websites.

3. Some record company employee took lots of drugs and forget to put their name on the website.

4. The band had silently slipped away into the ether.

5. The band have nearly finished an epic third coming but forgot to tell anyone.


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  1. It was announced in the press that the band had signed deals with both Columbia and Universal. They were listed on BOTH sites. Why not phone up the record labels and find out some facts before writing an article that you have only come up with after it was pointed out to you by others who you haven’t even bothered crediting?. There has been no journalistic effort put into this whatsoever.

  2. of course, let’s imagine if the young Louder Than War freelancer who wrote this story rang up Bigwig records.

    ‘hello Columbia can I ask you when the Stone Roses album is coming out’
    ‘Of course. We are under strict orders to tell no-one what the band is up to but since you asked it’s out soon’

  3. This is one of the poorly researched and poorly written pieces on LTW.
    Completely dilutes any credibility the site may have previously had.

    Step it up a gear, Mr Robb.


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