There are not one but two upcoming Stone Roses photo books.

Ian Tilton’s book is due in January but first here is This Is The One, a 200 page photo essay by legendary photographer Dennis Morris, chronicling the rise of The Stone Roses.

This limited edition book retails at £295, but This Is The Daybreak- the great website for all Stone Roses information has secured 50 copies of for fans (on a first-come, first-served basis) at a subsidised price of £185 (this includes the cost of delivery).

To avail of this special offer, email site boss Paul McAuley at and he will provide you with the reference code to use during your purchase through the publisher’s website.


  1. Saw Roses 1989 and 2012 cool then pretentious twats – saw Motörhead @ Brixton = guitar solo in each track… John Squire = hypocryte


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