In perhaps the best piece of marketing tease since the Sex Pistols – the band you could not see or hear period – the Stone Roses returned to the world if recorded material.

With hints dropped on websites like LTW and then a flurry of lemon posters and no official announcement the fan messageboards and Twitter did the rest of the work themselves.

From various meetings with bands we kinda knew that something was coming – something new had to come out before the mega gigs to give them a spice and a flavour – in the end it’s a single but the clever drip feed of marketing and the heightened expectation makes rock n roll feel thrilling agsin…like a Beatles in the sixties moment.

And finally the first play on Annie Mac’s radio one show – an odd place to hear it but…

The song itself…big, shimmering and anthemic – sound like it will fill the stadiums with joy – an optimistic 21st century version of the euphoric singalong Roses of the This Is The One/One Love type Roses – rolling and rollicking along on the drums with John’s dirty blues riff on top. Simpler than their early days -especially Reni’s drums which sound different for him and can’t hear his distinctive backing vocals  – it somehow benefits from the simplicity and is about John’s churning riff and Ian’s generational embracing vocal and lyrics – never easy to write songs with optimism..this could be a summer anthem.


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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


    • Drums seem more forward in the mix, a little too obvious and basic sounding.

      I hope the ‘fractured ribs’ is not another walk out by Reni, this band needs him!

  1. As always it has nursery rhyme sing a long quality, not a bad thing! Although a lot of lyrics and tune from opening dogtanian theme

  2. It’s unfair comparing it to a Seahorses Bside.
    Seahorses Bsides were awesome. Key / tempo changes, dynamics, harmony over beautiful chord sequences etc.
    This is very average.

    The dullest “anthem” I’ve heard since Elbow’s efforts.
    A perfect blend of Oasis, slade, and generic -unsigned-Manchester-band, all wrapped up in a blanket of cheese.

    Ian’s voice sounds good and John’s solo is impressive, but they’re capable of so much more.

    And no, that aint Reni.
    ‘The Beatles; Paul Is Dead’ conspiracy theory comes to mind.

  3. let me see… 980,000 using food banks, 7000 homeless on the streets of Manchester and the Prime Minister warning us about War in Europe, while ignoring the fact that we’re 1.4 million in debt, plus the NHS is on its knees due to muppets from other countries, flying in to use it “for free”…. and then the Stone Roses do a “lets get more cash from the gullibles” record. Hmm.. You know, I’ve just felt like taking drugs for the first time ever… just to escape the madness.

  4. Let’s not be too harsh. It’s a good song which gets better the more you listen to it. Who expected Second Coming to sound like it did? Can’t we just hold hands and thank god the Roses are back making music again regardless of whether it’s as good as the old stuff.

    • “Can we just hold hands and thank God the Roses are back”…

      Far be it for me to start a war of the roses, but … hold hands??? WHAT??? Thank God??What?? God goes out for a ciggie when crap music goes on, whether its Shine Jesus Shine, or “Gullible-indie” ..both cause God and the Angels to yell “WHAT? Why do we bother???” And ask for “the Roses are back”… You can’t go back to those glory days that you didn’t know were glorious at the time. The past is another country. When you go there as a tourist, you don’t acknowledge the pain of it… its be-smudged with nostalgia.. and all the Stone Roses do is sell you the ticket to be a tourist.

  5. Shame the main guitar riff was nicked from The Falls Squid Lord. Not a bad song tho, Hoping the album is as solid as their first two.

  6. Well well well – I fully agree with Sanitary Sue – talk about bland, boring, school boygirly schmuck – what is the point to this? Apart from some very average once-got-lucky muppets trying to make a few more quid (by the way I’m from Salford and had to suffer this garbage excuse for music for way too long)….. They were just a marginal 80’s indie band who had a couple of decent tunes like every other band who ever takes to the rehearsal room. Bunch of lazy would-be-on-the-dole bods if it were not for a lot of apathetic pathetic sheep called ‘fans’ who will swallow any doggy doo just to be part of some ‘in crowd’. Man, wake up and smell the rot – there are 13 year olds everywhere who play better AND are more aware of the age and world we ALL now live in. Speaking personally, the consolation for this tripe is that it is a million times worse than I knew it would be – and this is to promote a future album? If it were funny I would laugh but it ain’t – this just makes me angry in a healthy way – but I wouldn’t expect the ‘band’ or its aged audience to even understand such a statement! Raspberries anyone?

  7. Fuckin terrible, embarrassing. Fuckin hell, it’s SO bad! The Roses could release a fart and Robb would lap it up.

  8. Actually really like this single. There’s some real idiots on this messageboard saying what they think they have to say – remember no-one dared to like the first album when it came out – the music sheep all moaned then and then claimed it was great when they were told to.

  9. Its not bad ..and it aint good ..
    Reminds me of icicle works and the wonder stuff .. kids will love it ..


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