Stone Roses Japan dates announcement

Stone Roses Japan dates announcementWith a band like the Stone Roses there is always rumors and whispers. One of the group’s greatest tricks has been creating the aura of mystique around themselves. There are no interviews and the only comminuques come via their Facebook page and let’s face it would you actually want it any other way?

There is too little mystery left in modern music.

This is a and who are about the big gesture appearing out of the blue – the upcoming Manchester shows are a perfect example of this and last week’s suddenly announced and fast selling out Madison Square Gardens show is the same – a show the band are finally playing 25 years after LTW boss John Robb told their then manager that would be the perfect debut gig for them in the States.

Now there is internet rum our of an early March release. Of course the band are saying nothing. The Internet is wired and Twitter is tweeting. Some say it could be an EP…this is how the Roses would release – suddenly and out of thin air. There is music. The band have recorded stuff and have been in studios in the last couple of years – what they have come up with and whether they want to release it is another question. To us it would make sense to release before the gig and play new songs at the gigs instead of the other way round. It would be crazy to have new songs on YouTube before release.

This is assuming that group’s tight quality control would let anything out. This is a group that works at its own pace and under its own rules but stay tuned…

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  1. I don’t think the MSG show sold out. Tickets are still available in the 200 section from the venue. I would have thought it would sell out for sure!


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