Stone Roses new- details of Shane Meadows film and band overlooked for the Brits AwardsThe Shane Meadows Stone Roses documentary is nearing completion with 350 hours of footage being gradually edited down in what has become a labour of love for the film director.

The film’s producer mark herbert, who also worked on the classic This Is England said, ‘There’s plenty of stuff that people haven’t seen before – both past and present. Obviously there’s live footage from the reunion gigs, but we’ve also got some never-seen-before archive footage.’

Could this be the Warehouse Party gigs or the Ally Pally gig footage or the rest of the Spike island stuff? no-one can say at the moment.

The other surprising Stone Roses development this week was the band were overlooked by the stuffy Brits Awards in favour of the Rolling Stones comeback. We think this is a good thing – the Roses were always outside the media establishment and it’s better for them to remain there. The Brits mean little and bands like the Roses mean everything.

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  1. That’s a real joke, the roses are in the Guinness book of records for there come back ffs. Oh well, they don’t need it anyway. Can’t wait for the movie

  2. The Brit awards snub is a victory for the roses – the corporate fake razzmatazz of it all has become somewhat nauseating they always stood apart from that shite anyway and that’s the wonderful thing about them

  3. To Right. Leave the poxy award ceremonies to all the fly by night muppets and the Gallagher brothers. Looking forward to the film and another gig in Ireland. Its been to long. 5 months is to long considering it was 17 years before then.


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