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Stone Roses new album rumours (again)
Mani and John Robb swopping tailoring tips at the Tim Burgess gig Sept 2013

There is some webchat today about the Stone Roses releasing a new album in 2015.


The recent talk has been sparked by Mani popping up at the Tim Burgess gig the other night in Manchester and being the fantastically amiable cove that he is speaking to everyone in the room and when it came to the Roses telling them everything and nothing at the same time.

Speaking to Gigslutz in Manchester, Mani was asked about the possibility of new songs and said: “Yeah we’ve been working on a few bits.” Pushed for a specific date to when fans will hear the album, he replied: “2015 man, 2015!” Asked to confirm or deny what Mani said, a spokesperson for The Stone Roses told NME: “No comment.”


We had a good chat with Mani about loads of stuff and mentioned new songs and he joked with abig grin on his face  saying the band had been doing nothing – so there you go.


We told him that maybe the band should never release another album because that would be quite punk rock and quite funny.


What we reckon is that they have been writing stuff but at Stone Roses speed which was never fast- the first album took five years and so did the second and at the moment the band are only a couple of years back in since they reformed so releasing now or 20125 is ahead of schedule! The Roses work at their own speed, they are not on the rat run and they don’t play the music biz game- no interviews, no release schedules no album/tour bollocks and that should be celebrated even if it’s frustrating if you want to hear new stuff.

Various members of the band and associated people at various times have mentioned new songs to us and the fact the band have been writing. A combination of quality control and a sense of their own history are all key factors in this story.

They could well never release a new album or one could appear out of nowhere in the next two weeks- that’s the way we prefer it- the Roses do their own thing- predictable bands are boring.


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