Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage

The Stone Roses appear to on the way to releasing their third album.

In an off the cuff conversation on youtube with a fan in Hong Kong John Squire said the album was nearly ready and that all the band ‘needed was a sleeve’. Note that this was a quick chat and could have been a jokey reply but all the signs point to a potential spring 2013 release with the band having the next few months to record the record/mix the record/ or John to come up with the sleeve…

On the other hand this could all be rumours…

If the jam at the tail end of Fools Gold is anything to go by then it could sound amazing mixed with the ‘psychedelic pop songs’ that ian brown mentioned to us a few months ago.

People ask why the band don’y play new songs live but they would hardly want them all over youtube before they go into the studio…

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  1. It was me who spoke to John. It was in Singapore, not Hong Kong, and although he first stated that only the sleeve is left to be done, he was joking. The conversation is on youtube if you want to check for yourself.

    Ian says they go into the studio this winter.

  2. No worries, i dont mind that at all – just dont want people thinking the ‘sleeve is the only thing left to do’ comment was serious as it was a definite joke. Not so obvious in the video but John does say ‘no’ at the end:



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