a day at the races with the Stone Roses
a day at the races with the Stone Roses

a day at the races with the Stone Roses
a day at the races with the Stone Roses

Stone Roses
Milan Hippodrome
July 17th 2012-07-18

The Stone Roses may not have sold out the Milan gig but there was shortage of people reviewing the show with Warren Nixon covering the show as well as Michella O Brian’s review

The Stone Roses must be the musical story of the year in the UK.
It’s been massive shot in the arm for a moribund UK music scene and has put the excitement back after years of directionless floundering.

Meanwhile in Europe the band are still somewhat of a cult band, especially at the gigs I have been to like tonight in Milan where the band play to 3000 people in a half full stadium.

There’s a reason for this of course. The Stone Roses could hardly claim to have had a normal career. They burst onto the UK scene after five years in the wilderness and were the top band for a year and then disappeared before they really had a proper go at Europe.
Their second coming managed to squeeze in a world tour but they hardly touched some of these countries like Italy so the 3000 that turn up was not only a fair sized crowd but also a fanatical crowd, who like everyone in the UK, knows every word and very nuance of their amazing songs.
Supported by the excellent Justice Tonight band that are singing Clash classics for the Justice for the Hillsborough 96 campaign the scene is set nicely for the Roses. Justice Tonight sound great tonight, the band is tight and the charismatic Jones looks perfectly happy, dealing out the songs with vocals shared by the Casts’s John Power, Peter Hooton from the Farm and LTW boss John Robb.
When the Roses hit the stage it’s mayhem and the band sound better than at any of the other 4 shows I’ve seen them at this year. They are astonishingly tight, that year of rehearsing is not wasted and they make it all sound so effortless. The rhythm section is the best in rock n roll, their fluidity and power is like no other band, Ian Brown does the floating like a bumble bee charisma thing and his voice is almost note perfect, singing in that softer, almost whispered sound whilst John Squire is mind blowing on the guitar- the end of Fools Gold is as mesmerising as it gets as the band jam out for ten minutes.
There may be no Something Burning in the set tonight and Elizabeth My Dear seems to have been dropped maybe because it’s a bit too parochial for the non UK audiences, but Ian Brown still finds time to spit on a union jack that is handed up to him and stamp on it- the skinny singer doesn’t seem to have lost his militant edge.
They end on I Am The Resurrection and the audience look elated, if there is one thing for sure the Stone Roses seem to have finally come back to claim their crown and this time do it properly.
Next time they will be easily selling these kind of places out.

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  1. According to staff at the gig they’d only sold 1500 tickets up front…. another 1500 didn’t turn up on the night. The outdoor venue also had the potential capacity of over 20,000! The band cut several songs from the set because they didn’t think the undersold gig deserved a full set…!

    • Thanks Jimmy.
      The venue held 4000.
      prob about 3000 there.
      the band cut the set because they were late getting on stage.

    • Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

      Max capacity is 4200 standing 2300 seats do your research. I would estimate around 3000 there and about 50 in the seats. Best gig of the year by the Roses 4 for me inc Amsterdam and HPark. The sound was simply awesome and a superb atmosphere and build up from the justice band.

      Roses were on stage around 935 940 it will take a big band and a long time for anyone to better these gigs…..

    • You probably can get 20,000 in the Ipperdromo if you want to watch horses racing.
      Who cares anyway. a Fantastic Night.

  2. Come off it – sorry that’s nonsense. Stop trying to gloss things over and make figures up! No one thought the Roses were big in Italy, so the mistake was on the promoters part not the band. They sold less than 2000 tickets. The venue was a massive outdoor gig with potential capacity of over 20,000, and they had to massively reduce the capacity with fencing due to the very poor ticket sales. If the promoters have only expected to sell a couple of thousand tickets, they’d have put them on in a club like Alcatraz (which they still wouldn’t have sold out). They also didn’t cut the set due to going on stage late, because a member of the Farm tweeted the shortened setlist in advance!!

    • Jimmy I struggled to decide whether to even repond to your nonsense but need to set you straight. The capacity for the venue is as I previously stated Google is a wonderful thing I would suggest you do your research before opening your mouth.

      Have you seen the Roses this summer if not then why comment?

      No need to gloss things over Jimmy the gig was a belter and one of the best I have ever seen in 20 odd years.

      Just secured 2 tickets for Kasabian @ Brixton Academy Have a great weekend all

  3. great gig still buzzing there were 3000 people a potential capacity of 20000?? u are dreaming the ippodromo hold no more than 7000 peope. The Stone Roses were up for it the crowd fantastic. Ian Brown voice perfect! The best gig i’ve ever been.

  4. So who told you the Roses cut the set short as they didn’t think the fans deserved a longer set jimmy? Or did you just make it up?

    The band looked very receptive to the crowd that were there. Who cares how many were there, that’s the band’s problem.

  5. Jimmy,are you Jimmy “cranky” in disguise??? You sound cranky to me..Youve been rumbled..Go and put your headphones back on to One Direction with your favourite sock in one hand.

  6. Dear All,
    I am an italian fan since 1989……
    I was waiting to see the original line-up since that time……
    The place of the concert is there and it can contain I think a maximum of 7000 people…… Not 20,000!!!!
    There were from 3000 to 5000 people there and the gig was fantastic because there was a limited amount of mass karaoke, weather was fine and they played great. Ian could sing properly during all the set and if you compare the setlist to others they did not shorten the concert at all: they played the usual set that they play outside of UK.
    Here it is the setlist:
    I Wanna Be Adored
    Mersey Paradise
    (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister
    Sally Cinnamon
    Ten Storey Love Song
    Where Angels Play
    Shoot You Down
    Fools Gold
    Something\’s Burning
    Don\’t Stop
    Love Spreads
    Made Of Stone
    This Is the One
    She Bangs The Drums
    I Am The Resurrection

    Considering Elizabeth my dear a 30 second song they cut only 3 songs from the Heaton Park setlists……..

    Before talking please document yourself and do not talk about things you never saw.

    Best regards.

    According to english people there at the concert it will be impossible for them to see the Stone Roses so close and so nicely sounding in UK due to the mass hysteria hitting the audience during their gigs.


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