CiFNUNMWkAA58OgIt’s either a very rich greengrocer or heralds the new Stone Roses single that LTW exclusively predicted a few days ago.


Manchester city centre is covered in billboards with lemons on them – I can even see one from my window on the Mancunian Way. The band’s lemon logo, so often used to herald an event, could be the harbinger for the release of the two finished tracks recorded in the on going sessions as a single…

The Roses marketing strategy which is like a 21st century version of the Sex Pistols ‘band you can’t see or hear’ campaigns is so perfectly measured that it actually creates an excitement out of the mystique.




The media agency that uploaded the logo to the Parkway Business Centre totem confirmed it had received the artwork late last night and it appeared on the screen at 7am – but a spokesman insisted he had no information about what it could mean.
Stone Roses acclaimed and best selling biography by John Robb available from here


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