the 5 classic Stone Roses interviews that defined the band
the 5 classic Stone Roses interviews that defined the band


the 5 classic Stone Roses interviews that defined the band
the 5 classic Stone Roses interviews that defined the band


We’ve looked at some of their top 5 live gigs and b-sides so now LTW takes a look at a selection of the groups interviews from down the years, The Stone Roses in their own words…

Sweden 85

After a few years scratching around Manchester working out their next move The Stone Roses manged to conjure up a tour of Sweden that apparently Ian Brown manged to blag while travailing Europe in a chance meeting with a Swedish music promoter. Letting on they were a big up-coming band with their own following, which they did have but maybe not on the same scale that was pitched it at the time, they set off for Scandinavia for their very own ‘Hamburg’ experience. Pre Mani and as a 5 piece under the management of Howard Jones they ripped into Stockholm and surrounding towns while reportedly playing some of their finest early gigs.

The interviews interest point is how Ian views Manchester and its music scene, well before the onslaught of ‘Baggy’ and around the release of ‘So Young’ here he sights the 60’s and psychedelia as musical influences which was some thing they tended to swerve later on fed up with the ‘ 60’s’ tag bestowed on them. But its his confidence that comes through even though the band were still back then trying to make it happen ” We only play gigs that’s important to us” even then Ian Brown had the one liners and it was that self belief as well as the tunes that took The Stone Roses all the way.
Ian & John

An interview that was actually set up by LTW’s own John Robb. Interviewer Rachel puts Ian and John through some fairly odd questions. Viewed by some sections of the press as hard work in terms of interviews the pair both have a go at questions like “what do you most fear about the band” and though The Stone Roses weren’t exactly chat show material its full of classic one liners and little wind ups like when asked “whats the best thing anyone’s ever said about the band” which neither fancy answering til Squire states that they’re “not that interested in the band really, to tell you the truth” which gets a wry smile from Ian.
But like the previous Sweden interview the ’60’s’ again come up but this time its keeping Ian Brown awake at night due to the over-loaded ’60’s’ references by music press and media alike, and this is before the album had come out which John dryly points out when asked why the group “aren’t number 1”.
Part 2’s cheeky but quite confessional Ian Brown explains his self confidence as a ‘false ego-trip’ and John Squire says he’s ‘alright’  when it comes to being talented when the hostess runs out of questions for the pair giving Squire time to have a quick peak through the lens, running at just under 20mins overall its probably the most insightful Stone Roses interview from that time.
Fools Gold/ interview

This TV performance of Fools Gold includes a brief ‘eye opener’ interview at the end, in fact very brief but as there weren’t many interviews with the full band every snippet counts. After their performance the group look like they might say some thing when they take to the table but keep their cards close to their chest while Ian hands out fish to the TV audience. 
Maybe its because the poppy-foppish TV presenter starts up with the Baggy spiel again which as noted before the band would always wave off. Though not much to go on its a perfect example of The Stone Roses giving just enough to keep you interested but not enough that you totally figure them out, which most of the time left you asking more questions than they answered.
Judging by the comments though the Japanese crowds which they’d just come back from playing too went mad for the band as well as Reni’s hats and though not much is actually said the interview pays testament to the fact they could sort of say more than most bands with out giving hardly anything in the way of words, its all about their suss and self confidence.
Rapido/ 89
Filmed while at Battery Studios in London recording ‘Fools Gold’ Autumn 89, straight away there’s a sense of feeling that the group had slightly hardened over the course of the previous year. With the album being praised and the live shows already taking legendary status they look very much in control while sat about looking quite bored in places when Ian drops one of them wind ups “its hard for us to act interested when were not”, which was just the type of comment that made The Stone Roses success seem so easy and effortless. Here John brushes off the excitement around his art work and this time Mani makes the ‘psychedelia’ comment letting everyone know that you couldn’t just simply label them as a group or their sound.
Granada reports/ 89
A local look at the Stone Roses from Granada TV catches them at the point of take off with the debut album either just released or about to be, commenting on their older material and that they’ve moved on its like they sort of knew where they were going even if others didn’t, but its Ian Brown’s ‘Rolling Stones’ comment that’s picked up on because as far as the story goes there was no support slot offered to the band. Its pure PR and clever too as he claims “we don’t want to open up for the Rolling Stones in 1989, we consider our selves more exciting at this time, we consider our selves more important” almost like a mini rock’n’roll swindle its a line taken straight out of ‘She Bangs the Drums’…”the past was yours but the futures mine, your all out of time”, perfect.
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