Stone Roses for Glastonbury? Michael Eavis watches band's triumphant set at Sziget Festival

Who is that familiar figure in his shorts, farmer’s jacket and chin hugging beard standing next to us, clapping along to the Stone Roses in the VIP area at the great Sziget Festival in Budapest in Hungary? Why it’s Michael Eavis.

Is he here to confirm the Roses as the headliner for Glastonbury 2013? Or is he here because this is his favourite festival in Europe? The later is quite likely because he is on record several times bigging up the Hungarian festival which is indeed, great. He tells us how much he likes the festival which is like a European version of Glastonbury on an island in the Danube.


The Stone Roses have released no plans for next year yet with vague talk of getting the album finished over winter for summer release, if that’s the case a triumphant Glastonbury would fit in with the schedule…


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  1. If The Roses are playing Glasto next year that’s it – I’ll make the journey from Denmark to the festival site.


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