The Stone Roses just played a tour of the Far East, Australia and New Zealand and LTW were there to capture everything with this tour diary…

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19/02/2013 The Roses fly out heading for Dubai

20/02/2013 Ian Brown celebrates his 50th birthday

21/02/2013 Gig in Dubai. Liam Gallagher and Missus in attendance; Ian Brown dedicates Fools Gold to “Liam and his beautiful family”. Ian waves a Stone Roses banner he got from the crowd.

23/02/2013 Gig in Jakarta. One of their best on the whole reunion tour if not of their career. Ian Brown’s vocals are spot on and the band really tight. They seem in jovial mood. Ian Brown jokes with the crowd and wears a hat someone has thrown on stage; he plays with Reni’s cymbal, mimics John as he plays guitar during Fools Gold and tab his forehead with a towel at the start of This is the One. At the end someone passes a Manchester United flag and Ian waves it and kisses it.

Stone Roses live in Jakarta below…














24/02/2013 Last day in Jakarta. Fans make a short video of the Roses checking out of the hotel, signing stuff and posing for pictures before leaving heading for New Zealand.

26/02/2013 The Roses play another triumphant gig at Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the first time the Roses play New Zealand. The gig is another great one, despite them having problems – it appears – with their in ear monitors, which caused Waterfall to be restarted three times.

Australian Tour

1/03/2013 The Riverstage, Brisbane, Australia ~ first gig in Oz since 1995 and first time ever with the classic line up (Reni had left the band in 1995). There seems to be more technical problems which annoy the band. They leave after Resurrection with a quick wave but no hug.

2/03/2013 Future Music Festival, Doomben Racecourse, Brisbane ~ Monsoon rain hits the festival. The Roses play the first of five shorter sets at Future Music Festival. Despite headlining on the posters, they go on stage only for an hour before Bloc Party. Some fans are disappointed. It is thought that it might have been the Roses themselves to want the shorter earlier slot in order to get away as they are playing in Perth the following night. The gig seems to be going smoothly without further glitches.

3/3/2013 Future Music Festival, Arena Joondalup, Perth, Australia ~ Another shorter set in Perth.

6/03/2013 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney ~ Second sideshow for the Roses, after River Stage in Brisbane. They play the full set. Reviews are mixed. More technical problems and perhaps tiredness are filtering through the performance and criticism is moved especially at Ian Brown’s vocals. John Squire too appears to be a bit deflated according to some fans. Still, they soldier on and finish on a high with Resurrection.

7/03/2013 Festival Hall, Melbourne ~ The Roses seem to have recovered their form and solved their technical issues. The gig is maybe the best of the Aussie tour. During Resurrection Ian Brown takes exception to a female fan being manhandled with what he feels is excessive force by security and throws a bin at one of the bouncers.

8/03/2013 Future Music Festival, Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney ~ Strange incident that see the Roses embroiled in a Twitter spat by, of all people, Azealia Banks. The rapper accuses the Roses of having made a pact with her ex manager to deliberately sabotaging her performance by soundchecking during her set. She consequently escalates her tirade wishing them “nothing bu excrements and death”. The Roses do not respond and play their shorter set which goes down a storm.

9/03/2013 Future Music Festival, Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne ~ The Roses have allegedly apologised to Azealia Banks for accidentally disrupting her set the day before, though she doesn’t seem to be happy and claims that she nearly came to a fist fight with Ian Brown. No statement is made by the Roses on the matter.

10/03/2013 Future Music Festival, Bonython Park, Adelaide ~ Last night of the tour and last Future Music Festival appearance. Another spat by AB who claims the Roses are again getting in her way. She refuses to go on stage until they move and when the promoter don’t action her request, she leaves.



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Stone Roses : photo Mike Worsnip


We would like to say a big thankyou to all the photographers for there collaboration in this article .
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  1. Saw them in Auckland, and at FMF in Sydney. Outstanding both times. They put everything into it, and seem tighter than ever musically. I’ve been waiting a long time for these gigs, and I’d like to say they didn’t dissapoint. Please don’t leave it so long before coming back to Auckland, the vibe at that gig was tremendous, they are loved here.


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