Stone Roses live in Barcelona
Stone Roses live in Barcelona

crop4Stone Roses
Dubai Media City
Feb 2013

The Roses ride again!

After last years triumphant return from nowhere the Stone Roses are back out on a world tour with different questions to be answered. The rumours are that there is new material but will they play any tonight, the first show on their 2013 string of dates that will lead up to the UK shows in the summer and the headline slot at Coachella in the USA.

Personally I think they would be crazy to play any new songs at this stage of the game. As a long term fan I would love to hear new stuff but I also want the element of surprise of when a whole new album appears out of nowhere- the perfectly recorded masterpiece that we know they are capable of. I don’t want fuzzy YouTube clips of the band warming up the new material. That’s not the Roses way. This is the band who a on a world tour without doing any press- and this you have to respect them for. Too many people play the game these days and the mystery has gone.

Ok, I’m not a music writer so you will have to bear with me but the basic facts tonight were that the band was playing virtually the same set as last year and that it sounded fantastic. It’s true that these songs are timeless classics and they really do stand the test of time. The opening I Wanna Be Adored still sends a shiver up my spine and the extended guitar how down of the end of Fools Gold is astonishing. Ten Storey Love song sounds magnificent as it spirals out into the hot night air.

The band have not spent the last few months wasting time – they do sound tighter and even more perfect. The musicianship is mind blowing and Ian Brown, who turned 50 the day before, is on great form and still has that cheekbone cool that owns these kind of places.

A watching Liam Gallagher is visibly impressed as the band end with a stunning version of I Am The Resurrection. No matter what people say, they could play this set forever and we would be thrilled but we know that we are also due the new songs at some point which puts the icing on the cake.

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