Shane Meadows on stage filming the Stone Roses
Shane Meadows on stage filming the Stone Roses

the aftermath of the Stone Roses gig...cushions!
the aftermath of the Stone Roses gig…cushions!

Lot’s of people keep asking why the Stone Roses are not on the BBC’s T In the Park coverage.

It would make great TV watching the band at the top of their game but the Roses have always thrived on mystique and not appearing everywhere makes them more interesting. The Roses have always controlled their image- back in the old days they were hardly ever on TV- they only did one Top Of the pops they knew about less is more. Maybe some bands are on TV just a bit too much. I’m sure Kaiser Cheifs were on doing another festival TV spot two weeks ago!

The other reason is that the Roses are filming their own documentary with Shane Meadows. Last time we saw Shane last week he said he had 200 hours of footage of gigs, sound checks, backstage stuff and interviews and is still filming to the end of the tour. The way he described it the film sounded great and our guess is that it should be out before xmas.

In many ways it’s like the Sex Pistols and Malcolm Mclaren’s maxim of creating a band that no-one could ever actually see, a band that is bigger than the treadmill and doesn’t have to grovel to Chris Moyles to get heard- let’s celebrate that small victory…

loads of Stone Roses stuff to read on the site…

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  1. So like their photo deal, they have decided to tie up any live performance to make money straight off it?
    Don’t get me wrong, I saw them at Phoenix Park, they were brilliant! I tried to get tickets to Heaton Park, sold out, I love them but for a a band that that supposedly sticks it fingers up at “The Man” to not show their highlights to the public is fucking pathetic!!!
    If you love the band you will go see them like I did, but I can’t watch them on tv cos they want a few bob extra from dvd sales? C*NTS!!

  2. No mention of having to hide/muffle Ian’s voice in the mix. Come on John, we’re not that daft. No need for you to spin like Malcolm Tucker (and that’s being polite)

  3. I honestly can’t imagine a single person who knows anything about the music industry asking why the Roses weren’t on the BBC coverage. Does this really need explaining?

  4. Absolutely bloody ridiculous. Why is this band so shrouded in mystery? They did one and a half good albums under their own steam! I saw them a few times the first time round and they weren’t all that great live then so what all this fuss and money and sponsorship bullshit is all about I have no idea. Listen, they were of OUR time. Leave things there. There are a whole bunch of bands who would commit murder to get 1% of the attention this lot get, who can write equally good songs, and a lot of them will have the work ethic that will get them an album, tour and maybe some radio play without the ‘Roses sneaking in on a money-based whim and stealing a hell of a lot of thunder from guys and girls making much more relevant music right this second. So who gives a shit whether they appear on telly or not? If you want it, you’ll be able to get it shortly on DVD. Otherwise open your mind and ears, read the reviews section of this wonderful website and go and support people who really need and value your attention.

  5. The Roses have never played the game, and frankly I’d be disappointed if they started now. Unlike most modern, fame obsessed celebrity wannabes, they understand the value of controlling their image and media interaction and are savvy to the power of myth. Getting irrate, and calling the band you obviously love C*nts, simply because they do not wish to prostitute themselves for the benefit of coke addled London-centric media execs strikes me as obtuse and immature. It is a symptom of the modern media obsessed culture, to brand any artist who does not wish to jump through hoops as selfish. The Roses are artists, not x factor monkeys dancing to the beebs tune, that they have their own agenda is both refreshing and eloquent.

    • so why the piggin hell did they play a massively sponsored festival instead of just touring the only reason they reformed is the money

  6. Mat- i’m just replying to you because your is the last comment so not picking on your comment deliberately, but….. They recorded more than one and half albums of good material. They didn’t put all of there best material in the studio album format like most other bands would- the b-sides/rarities/single albums Turns into Stone demonstrates this- in my opinion it is superior even to there first album- so there is two outstanding albums worth of material to start with. Add to that the fact that if the Second Coming was released now by another band, lets say for arguments sake, if Oasis reformed and released an album of that quality, the critics and fans alike would be purring over it. Also, early B-sides such as All Across the Sands and Here it Comes, along with Sally Cinnamon are absolutely classic tunes, so my point being- they released enough quality material to fill numerous albums. Some of there best tunes, for example What the World is Waiting For, Standing Here, Where Angels Play, weren’t on any of the albums. Your too conditioned to the album format, look at the material of artists as a whole, and you will see the roses released more quality material than most other popular bands of this generation have released in their less consistent 10+ album careers.
    Also, I’m glad they weren’t on the T in the Park coverage, why would I want to see them in the same broadcast as people like Jessie Jay and Two Door Cinema Club? Its the roses, it just wouldn’t be right- keep the mysticism going! peace!

  7. Plenty of bands prohibit TV from showing their live performances at festivals, its not unique to the Roses. Given the fact that these shows will be part of Shane Meadow’s doc, its no surprise that the band wished not to be filmed. Disappointing but what would you rather? To see a professionally edited performance with improved sound on film, or a haphazard cobbled together live broadcast on BBC3?

  8. Perhaps they were afraid of King Monkey’s vocals being heard… they are usually drowned out by the crowd singing to every word, and even more so in the fan filmed videos we’ve all seen. i love the Roses just as much as anyone but sometimes I wonder if Brown can even hear himself! as for the other three, there are plenty of moments when you can tell they’re trying to ignore the bum notes coming from Ian’s mouth…

    Reni however, is the world’s greatest rhythm machine and it’s always worth witnessing him in action.

  9. Frankly its consistent with their money grabbing exercise of their whole tour. Buy the DVD kids… And also Ian Brown’s vocals would get found out yet again. So let no one kid themself.. Show us the money….One decent album that was their lot….And this cash cow has been manipulated ever since. Its clear from the comments I’m not the only ones who holds this point of view…Good to see that both The Vacccines and Two Line Cinema got the airplay they deserved.

    • And the other acts that are letting their footage been show aren’t doing it for their own self promotion now are they… advertise their own music and too hopefully….errrrr make money by any chance?????
      Also Graham Henderson- the cash cow has been manipulated ever since? Despite the fact, they never made a single penny from the first album the first time round after being locked into a contract with Silvertone wo raped them for all they were worth prompting a high profile and well documented legal dispute??? Use your brain son , your comment and points are unbelievably backwards.

  10. not so sure wether it’s all about mystique and all that. i mean look at another top class act such as Radiohead, would they ask coverage not to be shown? they do stuff like jools holland and for me they are just as mysterious…i don’t get it.. why not let the people who love you watch you before it’s too late, you might get run over by a bus tomorrow ….. if it is about shane meadows doc then so be it. not much i can do about it
    Really disappointed though!

  11. Question..? How many people who saw the show’s at Heaton Park (and the other’s who’ll have attended Dublin and T in the coming days) have posted comments about how shit Brown’s vocals were, money grabbing exercise, bunch of cunts for not letting a camera near them, how the bus timetable sucked etc… not many. If you were there, then fair do’s. Be as critical as you like based on what you saw. If you weren’t, then its your opinion but based on what you perceived it to be and not on fact. Get over it. Around 50,000 people beg to differ.

  12. If you want to see the Roses go to a concert, nothing on a tv will be the same especially with the great atmosphere when the Roses play. How lucky are those people who not going to get one the Britain’s greatest directors to make a film. What some of you are saying is that any selling of stuff is money grabbing. The band that have hired such a talent to make a film are not just going to release any crap dvd for the fans but one of artistic merit. Considering the pleasure the Roses have given to millions of people over the years they deserve every penny. If you don’t want to buy any stuff great but go and criticise those with less integrity.

  13. Pfft. I wouldn’t go to T In The Park if you paid me to do so. Nedville and no mistake. I was looking forward to watching the Stone Roses on the telly until Edith Bowman told us they wouldn’t be showing them. Broadcasting rubbish like David Guetta and Jessie J made T In The Park look like The Most Expensive Radio 1 Roadshow…..Ever!

    Aye, I bet that Shane Meradows DVD is out before Xmas. It’s not about the mystique John. To borrow from something I heard last night, it’s all about the money, money, money.

  14. The truth isn’t that they are rebels or are fighting the system MAN. They reformed for money, and are mediocre at performing so management obviously don’t want their gigs to be sown on TV because they suck live. What a BS spin, this band have no credit, just because they act like idiots dosn’t mean they aren’t money grabbers.

  15. I only hope after Browns comments about the queen being a leach etc, he doesnt do a Bono and pays his full amount of tax, I get the feeling greed may take over and a bit of dodging may already be in place

  16. It amazes me people actually still go on about his voice.
    I haven’t seen anyone this weekend that can sing, it’s all auto tune now, so fair play to brown for not pretending he can sing like the others do. I saw them at Heaton park and they were amazing, not just the band the whole atmosphere etc. I don’t begrudge them making money now either, especially as they were shafted by management and not earning a penny for what is essentially one of the most important albums of the last 40 years. I am glad they reformed because most guitar music is so poor these days it needed a kick up the arse.

  17. I was wondering why the roses wouldnt show on BBC. I did like the comment “not on TV this year”. I can’t blame them not wanting to be shown. The beeb only showed 4 songs of Noel Gallagher, when you was expecting a longer showing!. If you want to see the Roses go to the gigs. I went Heaton Park and I’m going to Vfestival to see them, so i am lucky one. If the roses want to make money of this, they are entitled too but you can clearly see they are doing it for unfinished business – to prove they have it and are the best at what they do! Arguably the first album is one of the greatest of all time. All the b-sides and rare stuff is amazing. Fools Gold was only a stand alone release and on the b-sides album originally. Second Coming was a different direction but you listen to it, it was a fucking good album. Us true roses fans will understand why they didn’t want to show on tv and I hope they stick around for a while. If your are going V, watch them… You will be blown away!

  18. They’ve still got their headline slot at V to go, so you wouldn’t really expect full tv coverage now anyway? Festival contracts have exclusivity clauses in them preventing them playing other gigs months beforehand. I’m sure tv coverage is included as part of this. It’s going to take some of the ‘specialness’ away if everyone has seen the set.

    To be honest TITP makes awful tv. It doesn’t have the buzz that Reading does or the variety of coverage of Glastonbury. Just a very muddy field with some damp punters. What’s with that massive gap between the stage and the crowd too? The bands look so cut off from the audience.

    Not to fussed about missing any footage now or seeing them live – saw them at the time and that’s enough for me. Looking forward to Shane’s film though.

  19. I was down at Heaton Park last week for the Friday & Sunday gigs and I have to say they were f’n brilliant. Brown’s voice (whilst not the best) sounded the best it has done for many a long year. They were on top of their game last weekend and if they’re half as good at Ned in the Park then the crowd are in for a treat…



    A/deen vibe in the area…

  20. I saw the Roses 1st time round and went to the Dam, Heaton Park and will also see em in Milan in 8 days time. The mystery and lack of promotion and media interaction is what keeps em up there as one of the best bands in the UK of the last 25 years. Credit to the roses they deserve to get paid this time round and their music catologue has stood the test of time.

    Half the kids watchin TinTpark have no clue about music when they think Jesse J and Calvin Underpants Harris produce good music and have the cheek to moan about it not being on TV Get real buy a ticket and preorder Shane Meadows DVD The UK music scene needs a big shake up and The Roses will lead the charge.

    #OneLove See ya in Milan

  21. Live audience’s must take priority over the TV audience, why should people who’ve paid good money to see the them at V and other upcoming festivals have it spoiled by the BBC splashing all over the airwaves.

  22. Regarding the money the stone roses are making, good on em, it’s only some of the dosh that they’re due from all the money others ripped them off for.

  23. Why some people think they have a God given right to demand seeing a band live on tv in their front room is beyond me. If the band didn’t want the BBC filming them then that’s their business. If you want to see them play live, buy a ticket, get off your lazy arse and go see them, it’s easy.

  24. Seen them last night at T in the park.

    Squire guitar solos too long and samey, Brown telling pissed off exhausted people that have waded through mud for hours to see them if they didnt like his anti queen rant to “fuck off”

    You’d need to pay me a lot of money to ever go see them again…and yes I was a fan of them in the late 80’s.Noel Gallagher was a lot better and Happy Mondays were spot on.

    • What were you expecting? Pavarotti-esque vocal splendour? It’s not a studio they’re in for starters. On the whole Browns singing wasn’t too bad on Saturday night, the only thing i would say is the sound levels on him were too low.

      • Watch videos of Noel Gallagher from the Saturday night, then think again about how high your expectation for vocals should be – no studio, and yet he was incredible. Snow Patrol were amazing too, and if you see the part where Ed Sheeran was brought on stage I’m sure that anyone who has the ability to hear should be able to tell how brilliant their vocals were. Any artist who can actually sing shouldn’t need their voices fixed up in the studio, they should be just as good on stage – just as some of the acts at the festival were.

  25. What got me was the ‘Those who shall not be named’ mentality of it .Bowman steering Noel Gallagher away form mentioning The headline band.Not even 1 pic in the montage at the end of the BBC 3 show.Also I’m a big Happy Mondays fan,but Shaun forgetting the words to WFL and also forgetting there was another verse left in Step on.It was a bit sad to see. :(

  26. Anyone who can stand there and sing “Elizabeth My Dear” in a flurry of righteous indignatioin against the rich exploiting the poor.. AND ALSO issue a contract that has the word “exploit” in it.. is a bit of a cheeky monkey…

    However, the antics of the Stone Roses, John Robb’s excellent book, the courage of the photographers… its all a great foundation for a Spinal Tap script.

    “Hypocrisy…look…it goes up to ELEVEN!!!”

  27. If they can manage to remain friends after their touring schedule. It would be good to see them write some new material. With the four of them, they have the personnel to re-ignite the scene.. again! Whether they want to at their age is a different matter.

    If you wan’t a real rock band from the 90’s who have just got better and better, don’t do anything they don’t wan’t to, including playing gigs they don’t want to ( trust me – they were not making the most of T in the Park unlike ELBOW, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO, KEAN, ORBITAL, SNOW PATROL etc )they were bored and the crowd were even more bored except for some die hards , then I would listen to RADIOHEAD! STONE ROSES ABSOLUTELY SUCKED THE BOABY! They were boring and shit in the 90’s, but I gave them a chance as a lot of musicians get much better with age, but these guys were as boring to listen to as a bunch of beginners WITH A LOT LESS HEART!! They were there for the money as everyone has to make a living, but they had absolutely no heart whatsoever!!

  29. they don’t do much t.v ‘cos that’s where they can’t keep up the illusion.They are a nail in the great lumbering antique rock museum.It’s a bloated replica of influences played badly with cliche and it looks like the revolution stopped at Alton towers for ‘kiss me kwik’ hats and the official oil-magnate sponsored tour programme.Bobby Gillespie is the new tory minister of ‘rock’….

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  31. A lot of bollocks, really. A great band is a great band. The Beatles did loads of TV and promo films and fortunately a lot of them survived and are now on the 1+ DVD. TV appearances didn’t harm or destroy the ‘mystique’ of the Fab Four. Same goes for The Stones. Due to their still unreleased status, films like ‘We Love You’ and ‘Child Of The Moon’ have attained almost mythical standing and there is to this day a continuing aura of excitement and fascination around Jagger, Jones and the classic Stones line-up….

    The ‘We’re too good for TV’ thing can backfire too. People at Elektra said Arthur Lee turned down tours and TV appearances. Yet he complained when labelmates, The Doors (who did a lot of touring and TV) got all the praise and rewards. Now we have fans of Love whining that there is hardly any TV or promo footage from the 60s of Lee and Co. Mystique or just stupidity? Even Scott Walker (arguably the most reluctant famous singer ever) has done more TV than The Stone Roses….

  32. Another great band with loads of mystery about them was Pink Floyd. And they did loads of TV during the Barrett era….


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