Stone Roses Asiaworld: Hong Kong – live review

Stone Roses Asiaworld
Hong Kong
24th July 2012

Not the first Stone Roses live review we’ve had on Louder Than War, granted, but from the site that’s proudly “never knowingly not published a Stone Roses live review” comes this, the latest of our Stone Roses reunion tour reviews.

An hour before showtime, and literally there was nobody here. About 10 of us if that, and then out of nowhere people seemed to appear everywhere. Some who seemed to be some kind of refugees of Afleks Palace in another life. Small arena like the old days, with about 4000 waiting to see the HK leg of the Roses Asian tour.

Kept thinking that this was a long way from Spike, a concert that I am sure I developed Asthma from! Anyway, back to the important stuff. Martha and the Vandelas played before the bands arrival on stage giving it up with Donna Summer’s ‘State of Independence’ and ‘We Can Work it Out’ and then finally ‘Stoned Love’.

Out they come, the only one who doesn’t look like they’ve been out on the lash is Ian. But the warmth between them all, all the way through the show was good, laughing, joking, guitar dueling. Just cool.

Ian’s voice was never the best and frankly at times tonight he murdered a couple but who cares, 4000 people loved every minute. Its a long way from Ally Pally, Spike, Reading, but its been worth a wait.

Stone Roses Asiaworld: Hong Kong – live review

Run down ……

Wanna be Adored

Mersey Paradise

Sugar Spun Sister

Sally Cinnamon

Bye Bye Badman

Ten Story Love Song


Shoot you down

Fools Gold with some guitar riffs of (daytripper) and (walk this way) …about x mins long

Somethings Burning


Breaking into Heaven

Made of Stone

This is the One (Song of the night)

Bangs a Drum


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      • Obviously confused with “Love Spreads”, which has been in the set at that point at virtually every gig. Also the “Waterfall” followed by a question mark before “Shoot You Down” in the setlist has got to be Where Angels Play, as the two songs are always played back to back. The riffs on “Fools Gold” to me sound like “Day Tripper”, “Le Freak” and “Driving South”. “Bangs A Drum” should be “She Bangs the Drums” and I gather “Don’t Stop” would have been played after “Waterfall”.

  1. not going to be Breaking Into Heaven…… Love Spreads by any chance?? “bangs a drum” made me laugh too, deary me :-)


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