Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work

Three very talented Stone Roses fans have each used their know-how and skills in creating their own very unique and beautiful pieces of ‘Roses’ inspired art. From mosaics and stone carvings to pin badges and t-shirts each one has caught the eye of many a Stone Roses fan on the net, and in some cases the band themselves.

‘Stone Icon’, ‘Mosaink’ and ‘Minty’ give some background on their art work.

Working under the name of ‘Stone Icon’ this Stone Roses fan’s talent for carving stone has produced probably some of the most unique pieces of ‘Roses’ art-work with a wonderful collection of carved images and portraits of the band

When I was in my mid twenties I was taken under the wing by an Italian sculptor (Marcelo Nardi) who taught me a great deal but also encouraged my own style which is paramount to a carver. When I am carving you can guarantee that I will have some Roses tunes on…inspiration ey?…The buzz comes from when you know it is going to work, I only have one crack at it so when I see the form I want I have to admit I get a tad excited!. I never reproduce a carving twice so in turn each one is an original along with the stars that I like to add to them as they can have a magical quality. Before I begin a carving, off my own back or a commission I will always try and to get the photographers permission before beginning.

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work

Made of Stone

It can take me months of deliberation / composition thought and basically headaches on how I want a carving to look. The recent Tilton Spike Island carving had been sat around for half a year before I touched it with a chisel. Just kept changing my mind. I just love to carve and if someone wants a commission then great. They know that they will own a unique piece of art that will last forever. I would say that my recent Spike Island carving which was featured in Ian Tilton’s exhibition in Bedford, has proved to be the most popular to date.

The sizes will vary from the very small to a general increase in height and width. There is no small/medium or large, it just depends on the material that is available to me, which is usually Welsh or Italian slate. I would love to carve a huge image of Reni, he’s the business ain’t he?….and try and capture his fluidity….with some stars thrown in!. The price can vary from £50 to £400 and above……not that many £400 and above get sold though, eaially these days.

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work

Return of the Roses

Heaton Park meant the world to me, I was also lucky enough to be at Warrington and that was phenomenal, men crying, singing the chords and the feeling of happiness in that room was tangible, then I headed to Barcelona for 2 dates and that just pissed all over Warrington. Unbelievably superb!! And of course The Heaton Park gigs. A communal gathering of slightly older dudes having the best time – Great…still not come down from it I think!?!. As for a way to commemorate Heaton Park, I am not sure. Someone had suggested doing the poster as a stone one, like a big plaque, but it seems a bit final to me…like a memorial rather than a celebration and lets face it, The Stone Roses coming back has made a lot of people happy.

Stone Icon FB site

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work

A stunning piece of art I think most Stone Roses fans would love to see hung in their own homes is the beautifully detailed mosaic style portrait of Ian Brown, from his ‘Un-finished Monkey Business’ album its one of a kind and created by the artist Joel Turner aka ‘Mosaink’.

I produce art under the name ”ËœMosaink’; a term I coined to describe my style, which is hand drawn mosaic patterns in ink. The Ian Brown ”ËœUnfinished Monkey Business’ piece was drawn with a 0.05mm technical pen on 8” X 10” heavy weight paper, anything much larger than an A4 would feel like a bit of a daunting task to embark on! I originally started it in April 2011. With the mosaic I kept doing little bits and then leaving it, so it wasn’t completed until February 2012. All my pieces are one off originals. I usually post them to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I’ve not actually shown any of my work in an exhibition, yet!

Mosaink- Reni animation

Monkey Business

Unfinished Monkey Business- Ian Brown’s debut album as a solo artist has always felt like a very special piece of work to me. I love its raw lo-fi feel, I always look for images with plenty of contrast and distinct features that will look great in the finished work. I do like drawing Ian Brown because he has an interesting face with sharp prominent features that I can easily pick out, he’s instantly recognisable to a lot of people, especially in Manchester where I’ve lived and worked for most of my life. I’ve always been a massive Stone Roses fan and have loved all Ian’s solo work, so they have featured in quite a few pieces over the years. I think it’s my way of expressing my love and respect for them and their art, a piece like the Ian Brown mosaic from start to finish can take around 15 to 20 hours or more to complete.

The monkeys in the image are because they are my favourite animals and they do pop up in my work quite a bit, either as the image or as part of the image. The chimp in Ian’s eye has featured in an earlier piece I produced; a wedding gift for my monkey loving sister. The pattern usually contains hidden images which are camouflaged within the detail; stars and hearts regularly appear alongside images associated with the subject I’m drawing. In other drawings of Ian I have hidden things like his astrological sign, dolphins and monkeys, the Adidas Trefoil; things which would be considered a part of his public profile.

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work

Spreading the Love

I sent the finished ”ËœUnfinished Monkey Business’ piece to Dave Atkins (Stone Icon) after seeing the video of him producing the same piece in stone; I thought it would look nice above his fire place, and I can’t keep them all – it’s nice to spread the love around!. I’ve no idea if Ian has seen this piece but I would imagine he’s probably seen some of my other works; I did a collaboration t shirt with a clothing label called ”ËœRetreat’ and some of the players in Ian’s solo band have them (I’ve also seen a picture of Gruff Rhys- ex-‘Super Furry Animals’ wearing one). Earlier this year I ran into Maxi (the drummer from Ian’s solo band) on Oldham Street in Manchester and he referred to me as the ‘man who does the patterns’.

I was lucky enough to be at both the Friday and Saturday nights at Heaton Park, and from where I was stood the Roses were mind blowing. The atmosphere was electric; they were without a shadow of doubt the best gigs I have ever been to. The reunion has already inspired a drawing of the four of them together; I always love drawing the Roses and I’m sure they will be the focus of many a mosaink to come.

Mosaink website

Known as ‘aguycalledminty’ this fella’s artwork has become quite popular online with a collection of prints, T-shirts and some pretty cool pin badges. Minty is another Stone Roses fan whose work has caught the attention of many of the band’s supporters with his trademark colourful cartoon-ish style of Stone Roses images.

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. Loved Music since day 1, I always remember my first LP when I was 7 which was “The Beach Boys greatest hits” never looked back. If I wasn’t an artist I would love to been in a band. As for the roses work…I’ve basically been painting different images of Ian Brown for about 8 years now, beginning of last year I started to sketch and paint the roses on brown paper and it seemed to get a good response and then one magical day they announced they’d reform after yrs of speculation around it all, but it was happening and the Stone Roses commissions started coming in.

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work


I think I’ve kinda got my own style, though I don’t set out automatically thinking I’m gonna paint it this way…it just happens from an early sketch to a finished design / painting. A lot of my work I do commission wise comes from word of mouth. I usually hear how people have asked others where they got a piece of mine from, their reply “aguycalledminty” so this name stuck. Been using it for about four years …even my kids call me it.

Studied art GCSE A level, even went to art college. But probably my biggest regret is not getting a degree for my passion. Cut a long story short at that age I’d rather of earned crap money in an office job and going on the lash with the boys, what lad wouldn’t at that age. It wasn’t till I bought my first house at 25 I decided to get back into I. creating pieces from around the house. But I can honestly say that everything Ive done or created from then until now has all been from being self taught, I have a few pointers here and there in school- so that’s probably the proudest achievement in how I’ve created my work.

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work


The hardest piece I’ve ever taken on would be the recent ‘Stone Roses’ in Japan and trying to colour a painting from a B&W photo. Most popular I’d say are easily the Cartoon Roses. My Jaw dropped to see the pin badges sell out in hours and then again on the rerun. The ‘roses’ pin badges were originally limited to 100 pieces and I was adamant that they’d stay like that, but I’ve had countless emails and tweets to do a rerun, I buckled. But 200 sets out there now and that’s me done, there may be other roses idea’s in the future though.

I wasn’t aware the roses knew about my work until I received an email from Mani one morning, my jaw dropped and my hangover soon disappeared. It means everything…and it means I’ll just keep keeping on….and yeah, I was at Heaton on the Sunday. The place was rammed as you’d expect and full of mud. Didn’t see or meet anyone with my tee’s on though,.. though I wasn’t looking because the atmosphere was buzzing and the roses were immense, I’d love to see one of their gigs in an arena.

aguycalledminty website is here.

Meet The Creators Of Some Unique Stone Roses Art Work

All words by Carl Stanley. More work by Carl can be found here.

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