The Stone Roses gig in Amsterdam has ended in unconventional circumstances.

When the band returned for the expected encore of I Am The Resurrection it was without drummer Reni.

The band never used to play encores all the time so there may have been some confusion between band members.

The chaotic end to the set is further proof that this is a band unlike any other at this level.


Our man on the spot said that the drum kit may have been broken and the pissed off audience started shouting. He syas that up till then the gig had been great and the band seemed to be in good spirits. He spoke to some of the crew after the show and there was confusion with the Sun reporting that Reni had ‘gone home’ but we know that he left straight after the other gigs….so what?

Our man reports that in a tongue in cheek manner Ian Brown said the gig was over adding , “I’m not joking, the drummer’s gone home.” Brown continued: “Get all your aggro out on me, I can take it.” Then he added: “What can I say, the drummer’s a c**t

There’s all sorts of speculation but our money is on broken gear, frustrated drummers and things getting out of proportion…and Reni hardly stormed off stage as some are saying, he hugged John Squire as he left.


There is, of course, panic with the fans in the UK. The band owe it to their fans to pull together and play the long awaited gigs. The Stone Roses mean a lot to a lot of people and in this grim year they were a beacon of hope for people. Whether it was tongue in cheek or stress or a flash of anger by any of the parties or if its all been blown out of proportion…get on the phone or have a group hug, life is too short and the chemistry is too good to fuck with, Warrington was amazing and Barca even better…the world needs to see Reni play again…and it will…

See you all in Lyon…


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  1. dexys and roses in same year. both blowing recent bands out of the water. Barcelona was immense, dexys were incredible. these things happen. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be the Roses

  2. Give it up, only fools like the stone roses in 2012. Get with the times, fuck these old idiots and move the fuck on.

  3. What a totally unproffesional cunt !. He’s left me and ian and john hanging out to dry like we were never nowt to him. A bad error of judgement ?… I’m not sure. Oh, and by the way, yes ,it is me, and I’ll meet you on any red rec and kick your cunt in you fucking disrespectful cunt. How fucking dare you .this is mani your rhythm partner, ( remember me,the one who’s got your back you total cunt). I want to fucking kill you , knobhead. You treat me like this ?????. Dick

  4. Didnt mean it, knee jerk reaction was it ??????. I’ve never been so violated or humiliated in my fucking life. I’m ashamed to be associated with you, and I’ll say it on this forum, I’m front of the world, because I didnt even get an apology or explanation off you on my phone yet !!!! Who are you ?.. Fucking paranoid no mark…. How fucking dare you, and try me on live in the morning if you think this ain’t me… I’ve had your back since ’89… And this is how you repay me ??????. Im not sorry either.

  5. Hmmmmmm, very cunningbbitnofvhacking really. It’s not that difficult is it…. Anyway,the only way to deal with this scenario ir give it the hacked no comment it truly deserves…. You lot don’t really unretstand shit. Xxx the real mani Mounfield

  6. Bloody hell, hope that’s not the real Mani.

    Fingers crossed that whatever happened they can sort it out.

    They’re too important.

    The past is yours but the future’s mine.

  7. Robbie Maddox must have a hard on !!! Hope the above
    is some joker who’s hacked Mani’s profile (which it sounds like they have)

    Bring on Heaton Park: Storm in a teacup this!

  8. Looking at the youtube clips of last night, the band seemed to be more confident than ever and playing well off each other (Fool’s Gold, in particular, sounding tight as a gnat’s chaff). The ‘Dam crowd seemed a bit subdued, but that’s not that surprising. If Reni decided not to do the encore because of kit or monitor problems, then that’s fair enough. Maybe Brownie was just making a tongue-in-cheek dig, or he was hyped up from the crowd’s reaction and ‘let one slip’. First and foremost, they’re mates, and close mates can call each other a lot worse and quickly get over it. I’m sure the Beatles & the Stones & justabouteverybandunderthesun have called each other ‘c*nts’ in their lifetimes too from time to time. For starters, I don’t reckon Mani will let it blow-up now that he’s been replaced in the Primals. and they’re probably big enough and old (and savvy) enough to not let down 250, 000 fans at the end of month … let alone risk a gigantic pay-packet. Fingers crossed, eh? Worst comes to worst, and as John Lennon said, “it’s only a fucking rock and roll band”.

  9. I loved the Stone Roses way back in the 80s and can still enjoy their music today but just how old are some of the people commenting on this stream? Grow up can’t you. Act… and speak (type) your age. ‘Manicscream’ – go and see a therapist for heaven’s sake.

  10. ‘Love Spreads’ last night, sounding great. Proof that Reni did not leave mid-gig as some are reporting, or that he stormed off. Who knows what happened back stage, but chances are, it’s all a storm in a teacup. Guess we’ll know tomorrow evening …


  11. I was at the gig last night and think this has been blown out of proportion. Ian was being tongue in cheek and there didn’t seem to be any bad feelings between the band. The crowd were subdued but I think that was largely due to the size of the arena which was far too large for a band like the Stone Roses, the gig wasn’t sold out and the place lacked a bit of atmosphere. The band played amazingly, Fool’s Gold was insane, an encore would have been nice, but hey, you can’t win them all.

  12. Video: The Stone Roses cut short Amsterdam gig because ‘the drummer’s gone home’ | slicing up eyeballs // 80s alternative music, college rock, indie

    […] Louder Than War reports Roses drummer Alan “Reni” Wren may have been having gear issues: “Our man on the spot said that the drum kit may have been broken.” Other fans are worried about the future of the Roses’ reunion, as rumors had swirled in the weeks before its launch that Reni wasn’t on board and a replacement drummer was in rehearsals with the group. And some have suggested Brown was joking in his comments to the crowd; you can judge from the video. […]

  13. I was at the Barca gig on Fri night and to be honest it’s hard to say how good they were because the sound quality in Razz was bloody terrible. I started out stood near the back and they sounded very muffled, like you were listening to them through a neighbours wall. I went nearer the front and it sounded a bit better but still the low end was virtually non existent meaning one of the best things about the Roses (the rhythm section) was barely audible. The gig was a success because the crowd were determined that it would be and there was just too much goodwill and excitement for it to be anything less. The Roses live were always more like going to the footy than a gig and there is something marvellous about the devotion they inspire but I do think that at times this leads to people being somewhat given to hyperbole and superlatives about the Roses where as a live prospect none are deserved, they have always been hit and miss live. I haven’t seen Dexys yet so can’t comment but I can assure you that last fri Stone Roses did not blow anyone out of the water, Sunno))) at KOKO last night pissed on them. On a side note about Reni, I think he is still a bit rusty after not playing for all those years, although it was hard to tell because of the aforementioned sound….

  14. For the record, it was Mani who hugged John, not Reni.

    There was no sign Reni was frustrated or something. Except for the last song before the end (Love Spreads). Reni clearly went mad about his in ear plugs?! He was signing to the technicans but played Love Spreads anyway. I did see Mani shouting: “Just stop it!” at Reni. So… or stop playing the song and get everything right, or at Reni’s “moaning”?

    Anyway the whole gig was great, the ambiance was beautiful and they looked really into the groove on stage. My night was complete and i’m glad i’ve seen the lads performing. They’re all wonderful entertainers and a beautiful piece of history :)

  15. ‘ in this grim year they were a beacon of hope for people’ oh fuck off its getting ridiculous this sycophantic coverage of the roses now

    • Your’e all writing shite on this site. As for maniscream – you really do need a little help. No band ever saved the world and let’s not pretend that the reformation of the Roses will make that statement any less true – however let’s just look forward to hearing a few old tunes that are ingrained in the old psyche and embrace it for what it clearly is……Ian Brown’s ex-missus divorce settlement tour.

  16. richard Says:
    June 27th, 2012 at 2:22 pm
    im from holland, and i was looking out for this gig long ahead… 10 minutes before the show the crowd was wild and enthousiastic clapping and shouting for the roses to come out … !! including myself.
    The vibe in the HMH was great !! .. something i could not say from the band … the whole show lacked ENERGY ..Ian is not a great singer, but this night it was one of the worst concerts in years !! even amy winehouse did a better job being drunken and stoned on the stage …. what a sad sad sad reunion tour NEVER AGAIN !!


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