Sțj Snak: Songs About Beliefs Рep reviewSțj Snak РSongs About Beliefs EP (5 Feet Under Records and TNS Records)
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Mighty Midgets frontman releases free-thinking acoustic EP shaped by the rawness of punk’s DIY ethos. Leanne Durr has more.

Describing himself quite aptly as a screamer/songwriter, Stöj Snak is a side project from Niels H. Sörensen of hardcore punk band The Mighty Midgets.

The record is acoustic folk punk with plenty of heart and angst running through it. With an unquenchable thirst for the DIY spirit Sțj Snak touch on subjects including politics, religion and society Рall of which instigate debate. The record is a blend of fierce punk-folk and even in a stripped down acoustic state the angst and passion still resonate profusely.

Unification seems to be a strong ethos of the album. “State of Mine” echoes this: “If there’s a place for everyone this one’s a state of mine/where individuals stand side by side/where politics and discontent, angst and DIY grow into roots of the future”

When people feel that they have been failed by a government this frustration should be channelled into creating a positive alternative in which society can unite as opposed to breaking down.

“State of Mine” (see below) also talks of transcending musical genres; which most definitely seems to be a head nod to music’s elitists and the musically narrow-minded.

Dedicating the song to ‘the passionate people all over the world that do their thing just because…’, “State of Mine” acknowledges the musicians everywhere that spend time touring, releasing albums by their own means, promoting gigs, starting record labels and so forth whilst combining this with full time jobs; having no ulterior motive such as pursuing fame and fortune but they do it quite simply because they are passionate.

Stöj Snak produces songs which are tenacious and not afraid to follow the courage of their convictions. Other songs on the EP such as “No Refunds” questions the basis of religion, whilst “Great Ideas Need Landing Gear” takes a no-nonsense look at the world of commerce.

It’s quite a feat to fit so many ideas into just six songs which manifest themselves into an EP that reiterates how important artists like Stöj Snak are: artists who, as well as possessing a huge amount of talent, encourage people to not swallow blindly what they are told but to always ask questions and to be free thinking.

All words by Leanne Durr. You can read more from Leanne here.

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