Steven Severin, one of the originals and one of the great bass players of that generation and the bassist and co-composer of Siouxsie And The Banshees has made a statement on his facebook page about the already quite legendary Siouxsie shows at the Royal Festival Hall this weekend.

It makes for interesting reading…

“Siouxsie is free. Free from the burden of expectation of the unexpected, free from appeasing the egos of myself & Budgie. Free to celebrate our weighty legacy and free finally, to revel in a solo spotlight embracing the adoration for herself and her struggles. From what I’ve seen and heard, Meltdown was a hundred times better than the Seven Year Itch and probably, a million times better than any version of the Banshees could produce today. Her band were competent, confident and enthusiastic. Gone was the frisson that made the Banshees what they were and that’s a good thing. It has no place to go anymore. So what remains in it’s stead? Siouxsie’s inimitable charisma and conviction and those brilliant, brilliant songs. A total and utter triumph and better than you deserve….*just kidding*”



  1. Just a personal message: Hey, Mr. Robb, haven’t seen you since the Buttholes gig in Mcr! Can’t seem to find anywhere to put myself down on an e-mail bulletins list. Do you not provide such a service? If you do, please add me to it, or do I have to keep visiting the site regularly to find new posts? I always enjoy reading your stuff and now I’ve stumbled upon your site would like to read more… PS: No, I don’t do Facebook!


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