During the summer holidays a gang of friends from my school, Bromley tech would hang out with some like-minded souls from Bromley Grammar (including Billy Idol and another Bromley musician, Billy Jenkins). One of the grammar boys had an elder brother in the Army stationed in Germany. He came home in the summer of 71 with Monster Movie & White Light, White Heat. What a revelation that afternoon’s listening was. I became an instant fan of Can and a few weeks later Tago Mago became the first album to get a proper release in England. I love Tago Mago but this album has Sing Swan Song on it which is probably my favourite track ever, BY ANYONE. No-one sound like Can because no-one sounds like Holger, no-one sounds like Jaki, no-one sounds like Damo and no-one sounds like Irmin. Put them all together and supermagic happens.


For number eight in Steve Severin’s top 10 album’s please go here


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