Steve Priest

Steve Priest
We have just heard that The Sweet guitarist Steve Priest has passed away at the age of 72. Steve had been touring as The Sweet Featuring Steve Priest.

In January 1968 Priest was invited to form a four-piece band with vocalist Brian Connolly, drummer Mick Tucker, and guitarist Frank Torpey. Torpey was replaced by Mick Stewart in 1969 with Andy Scott joining on guitar in August 1970.

Steve was known for his camp delivery – he was the one that sung ‘We haven’t got a clue what to do’ on their number 2 hit from 1973 Blockbuster. Andy Scott is also flying the flag with his version of The Sweet.

The band were hugely successful in the early ’70s with hits such as The Ballroom Blitz, Fox on The Run, Action, Teenage Rampage, Hellraiser, Blockbuster, The Six Teens, Love is Like Oxygen, Turn it Down, Wig-Wam Bam, Little Willy, Funny Funny, Poppa Joe, Co Co, Set me Free, Ac Dc, Peppermint Twist, Lost Angels, Fever of Love, The Lies in Your Eyes, Stairway To The Stars, California Nights, Call Me, It’s It’s The Sweet Mix, Sweet 2th and that’s just some of them …..

We’d like to extend our sincere condolences to Steve’s family and friends.

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  1. Sincerest Condolences.
    The Sweet broke the mould in the early 70’s….fantastic band.
    So sorry to hear of his passing.
    I did think though that Blockbustercwas No.1 in the UK for about four weeks….

  2. Yes, ‘Blockbuster’ was No.1, keeping David Bowie’s ‘The Jean Genie’ from reaching the top spot in December 1972 and January 1973.

  3. Slade and The Sweet – the two bands which I was nuts about from 1971. This was just before the likes of Bolan, Bowie and Roxy. So sad to hear about Steve. Now it leaves just Andy Scott the sole surviving member (and luckily I got to meet him and chat when he came to visit our place of work a few years ago….telling him about how crazy I was about his band during their heyday).

  4. The sweet were a under rated group never taken seriously with the first few hits until the rock music later with hellraiser and blockbuster ,three gone one left REST IN PEACE STEVE

  5. Saw Steve sing that so famous line “We just haven’t got a clue what to do” when I went to see them at a recording of Crackerjack at the BBC studio on 1974. So sad. Hope he’s hell raising with Brian Connolly now. RIP Steve

  6. Rest in Peace, Steve Priest my condolences go out to his family at this sad time…
    Reunited with band mate Brian Connolly . Xx

  7. RIP Steve! He’s jammin with Brian and Mick now! To me, The Sweet was one of the greatest bands of all times.

  8. Loved the sweet, only Andy Scott last remaining survivor as is Bill legend from T. REX… Breaks my heart… RIP Steve…. X

  9. Nigel, for the record he was the “bassist” Andy Scott is the guitarist. R.I.P.. Steve, super talented.

  10. Amazing band that actually wrote all their own albums and a lot of people for the record for the proto- Glam B-sides. I think it was about 134 number ones around the world with the biggest trap be in the self pound fox on the road which hit the dizzy heights of the van on iTunes in 2017 courtesy of being the main feature track on guardians of the Galaxy two but we are covered by people like Red Hot Chili Peppers , Def Leppard, Justin Hawkins, the strokes and so many more but only had One number one record in the UK at about eight number twos but in America and Germany it was a very different story because they were delivering the harder records like give us a week and desolation boulevard which was a very different album in the states. I think it might be true to say that they live the life and with with three self penned big albums in the United States of America they do have a legacy albeit slightly I’ve put down-you are do you have to listen to Queen with tie your mother down and then check out done me wrong alright bye sweet and you will see a correlation. Rest in peace to a legend

  11. R i p Steve and I love sweet. They were definitely instrumental in the Glam scene and wish they were bigger in the US

  12. R.i.p. Steve. My condenses to the family at this very sad time. The sweet did some amazing songs in the glamour years. Blockbuster was a huge hit. Outstanding group. God bless him. And his family. :-(

  13. They were a super rock band and played some real gritty stuff yes famous for there commercial songs which made them the money but a good live act to boot as well RIP or desde España hablamos Descansa En Paz

  14. The first band I ever really got into in my childhood. Absolutely loved the 70’s. Steve wasn’t a well man towards the end. Andy Scott’s band are really good still though. If you get a chance, go see them it’s as close as you can get now to the real thing.

  15. R.I.P. STEVE (“WE HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE WHAT TO DO”) PRIEST. There always was a rivalry between ‘T.Rex’ and ‘Slade’ Fans, and indeed between many ‘Bolan’ and ‘Bowie’ fans, but ‘The Sweet’ were “OK” to like whichever other artists you were ‘into’. The Sweet were always such a ‘FUN’ band and one of the main reasons was Steve Priest. A few of their earlier singles were a bit ‘off-the-mark’ … ‘Little Willy’ … Hmmm!, but “Block Buster!” and “The Ballroom Blitz” for example, were ‘Foot Stompers’ and the dance floors would suddenly fill with *everyone* (no matter who they were ‘dedicated fans’ of) having the best of times. Both my husband Kevin and I will miss him and we will certainly be watching some of the old Top Of The Pops videos of ‘The Sweet’ with Steve’s zany antics. Rock On Steve. You will be missed.
    On a personal note Steve Priest, like Marc Bolan’s original partner (and another Steve) Steve Peregrin Took was a grandfather, although in Took’s case it was posthumously so Took never lived to see her.
    Hot Love to the Late, Great Steve Priest, his widow Maureen, his daughters, his grandchildren and all his family at this difficult time.
    Steve will never be forgotten!
    The ‘T.Rex Action Group’ (TAG) Legal Guardians of Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine in Gipsy Lane, Barnes, S.W. London.
    A copy of this will be posted to TAG’s Marc Bolan & T.Rex Fan Club Web Site later today.

  16. As a”Glam Rock-era”guy,I grew up with The Sweet,still listening many of the great songs..Loved Steve’s 70’s dress yourself over the top attitude..(Made me think twice about hair and make-up!)
    R.I.P.from The Netherlands..Wig Wam Bam…miss you Steve

  17. Sad to hear this news about his passing. I loved the much energy and fun. A welcome throwback to my teenage years is their memory.It’s all about the BASS, Steve!
    More gigs to come for him…somewhere out there.
    Codolences to the family. Sorrow is not forever, Love is.

  18. Thank you for some great music I saw you play as a teenager in the 70s in Blackpool you were on a bill with queen and wizard ,you were fantastic ,I’m full of dolly mixtures a great album of hits ,sadly missed but a great legacy

  19. God needed a bass guitarest so he took Steve those eyes and his grin when he looked at the camera the sweet were awesome God bless his family at this time they made me feel good in my teenage years hope your ok Andy keep sweet alive all the best paul

  20. Look Out – Hellraiser, made me jump whilst driving the first time I heard it. I bought a lot of their 7″ singles, CoCo being the first. Wig Wham Bang man (WWBm)

  21. RIP Steve condonaces to his family and friends. He was a great bassist. Loved his book Are you ready Steve

  22. The man that put Glam on the map .Swastika Incident was taken the wrong way as it was satire but it didn’t seem to doing any harm. Total legend and the king of Beverly Hills Glam rock. Who can ever forget him mincing around the troubadour near Beverly Hills being sarcastic to Americans but also hilarious. He was described in self as a wigwag Scam and never took anything seriously apart from that of course is brilliant news there and we will miss him not just in the Glam rock community because he was a whole lot more than that

  23. The first rock song I ever heard was it’s a ball room blitz!
    A great band and great guitarist! RIP Guitar man! Rock out in Heaven!


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