Steve Ignorant, Headsticks and Dru Blues.

The Salty Dog, Northwich.    9th November 2018.

Louder Than Wars resident foul-mouthed yob gets excited about the Return of Igs and his band.

Now this was a fuckin’ gig. Steve Ignorant needs no introduction really does he? The turn out here tonight confirms it. People being turned away from the door from what I saw! I sat backstage talking to the man himself and the beautiful Carol Hodge and the two Pete’s that hold the brilliance of this band together.

Steve got in conversation with a lovely autistic guy before the show and made his night even before hitting the stage, letting him take pictures and really engaging with him like a true gent that he is. The emotion was going before the actual music!!

First up was heart on his sleeves Dru Blues with his set of protest type punk tunes about the state of the country and other ailments we all live with and and to deal the fuck with. Hairy armpits involved and loving all genders that have them to be PC!! Angry as fuck and battering his poor acoustic, but getting his across to this Northwich crowd. One to watch. He could pair up with Patrick T Davies!!


Next up are the excellent Headsticks from Stoke. I’d been given the heads up on this raucous punk band and now I know why. They’re like a Northern version of Idles who get in your face with their punk offerings. Andrew Tranter the frontman prowls the audience and gets in your face with his vitriolic shit which brings me back memories of see Fucked Up in their heyday. All politics and what is now is what they’re about and it hits home. Even a song named Paper Flowers which is an open message about our war heroes and how they’re ignored. You’re Killing Me America has a similar message but aimed at the inbred fuckers who voted for a…. I’ll let you fill that in….


And then….

The Crass legend hits the stage with his trusty sidekicks, the two Pete’s and the enigmatic Carol Hodge who in her own rights deserves accolades according to my Southern mate Ged Babey‘s review!  (I bought the album by the way Ged you twat and Carol signed it!)

I’ve listened to Steve’s Slice Of Life stuff and fucking love it. I thought this was gonna be a mellow affair but was proved wrong. The gesturing from Steve throughout the whole set is violent, yet not. Carol is smiling on the keyboards in a knowing way looking dead innocent while Mr Ignorant delivers his cockney tales with a passion you don’t see in most frontmen these days. He does most songs on the album but turns them into an art form by acting out every lyric with passion I’ve not seen in any of these bands who try to make you like them. It’s all genuine. He looks like he’s gonna cry at points with the emotion of the stuff he’s saying. It’s like Crass because of the anger that comes out but it’s all on Steve’s sleeve. Eleven Chimneys was the one for me tonight as he doesn’t just sing the song he enacts it. The audience were obviously hungry for Crass songs but he is having none of it. The closest we got was someone shouting ‘Do They Owe Us A Living’ and he did a little taster just to wind everyone up then fucked it off! This guy is just living proof that if you have passion about music, you don’t need to dick around proving you’re something you’re not. Just get up there and do it! I’ve seen some good bands this year but Steve Ignorant has slayed me tonight….


Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and  his website here.

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  1. Headsticks a middle class cover band . Think the rest of your review was good but Headsticks are a punk band that have no soul

    • Hi Simon , gutted to if missed this & allways more so when a good review of the gig rubs it in s little more , can I ask you what cover songs Headsticks added to there set please?

  2. Headsticks a middle class punk band? Man, they play with passion, they back up what they do with solid actions and are producing music that is relevant to the here and now…not yesterday like many are doing! Over 40 years I have seen many angles and many pluckers and seen great disappointment – this lot are doing things mighty well and doing it their own way. Punk should always have many angles and flavours!


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