The recent death of Pete Shelley was a huge shock to everyone. None more so than his partner in Buzzcocks, Steve Diggle.

Most people thought the band was over,  overlooking Diggle’s huge creative contribution to the band.   Even the Albert Hall show in June was looking iffy.  That gig was confirmed a month ago as ‘a celebration of Pete’ and now Steve Diggle has announced his intention to continue with Buzzcocks in a tweet below…

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    • Have they? Who is left?

      Just Diggle. I am not a great fan of his solo stuff…he wrote some classics for Buzzcocks….from Fast Cars/Autonomy/Harmony In My Head right up to more recent stuff like Sick City Sometimes…. But the BUZZCOCKS name IMHO should not become a vehicle for Diggle to ply his often third rate tracks on…..

  1. Pete wouldn’t mind, Shelley? If I died, I wouldn’t want to bring anyone down with me. Our time alive is all we have. Good luck Steve.

  2. remember a buzzcocks gig a number of years ago, Mr Diggle had his own ‘Steve Diggle’ merchandise..looked like he wanted to be singled out back then

  3. For what my opinion is worth…..???

    I think Steve Diggle is making a big mistake by continuing Buzzcocks.

    Diggle was indeed a vital part of what made Buzzcocks so great….no question. He has also been a bit of a prat throughout. Shelley was the genius, Diggle was important….but in latter years spent his time trying to usurp Pete Shelley…

    I must have seen Buzzcocks 50 times since 1989….and increasingly Diggle’s (usually pissed and or stoned) antics marred many a gig….with him trying to steal the limelight. Diggle’s behaviour at the Manchester 2012 “Back To Front” Concert was disgraceful….like a petulant child!

    I have tickets for the Royal Albert Hall gig….and I appreciate the things Diggle has said about Pete since his death…he has been quite dignified.

    I don’t think there could be BUZZCOCKS without Steve Diggle….BUT there is NO CHANCE without Pete Shelley.

    Diggle should stick to his solo stuff from now on….of course he can and should cover Buzzcocks songs if he wants to…..but he shouldn’t “ride on the name”… is the second time he has tried that. [Buzzcocks Flag of Convienience].

    He was, after all, just the Bass player in the beginning !

    • Only just heard this news… what an absolute travesty! Diggle wrote maybe four truly great songs through the entire existence of the band; most of his songwriting output – either for Buzzcocks or in his solo career – has been absolute dross. The last time I saw them, at the ill-fated Garforth Arts Festival, Diggle was pissed out of his mind, slurring his words and a complete embarrassment to all.

      This is an even more desperate act than when he appropriated the name to append to that of his crappy solo project (remember Buzzcocks FoC, anyone?]. He really is scraping the barrel now. I can’t even begin to imagine how bad the Diggle Buzzcocks shows will be – they’ll either be composed entirely of his sub-standard material or – God forbid – him murdering Pete’s untouchable songs to death. No, if he’s half the talent he thinks he is, he’ll go out under his own name – but we all know that’s never going to happen.

      Very disappointing.

  4. Diggle’s insistence on pushing his own songs to attempt parity with Pete’s dragged the 90s/21st Century Buzzcocks down. He was often an embarrassment live too. As others have stated with FoC, it’s not the first time he’s tried to pull this stunt which is rich coming from an accidentally recruited bass player. To carry on as Buzzcocks would be a fraud and utterly distasteful, have some taste, dignity and decorum and end it.

    • Well said. Taste, dignity and decorum have been conspicuously absent from anything Diggle for a long while now. I sometimes wonder precisely when his behaviour escalated in the way it has. I saw the Buzzers when they got back together in 1989 and he was pretty laidback. I think his behaviour these days must relate to a consciousness of the mediocrity of his own material and he overcompensates through insecurity. Being forever pissed as a gorilla doesn’t help either.


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