Steve Albini slams Odd Future

The world’s best recorder of bands, Steve Albini, has taken to his studio’s website to slam rap group Odd Future.

Steve Albini wanted to strangle Odd Future

Steve Albini wanted to strangle Odd Future

After sharing a minibus with the band after Primavera festival in Spain where Shellac were on the bill with Odd Future, Albini was moved to write the following about them on his studio’s Electrical Audio website.

‘I spent about 40 minutes with these little pricks at the end of May and I haven’t wanted to strangle anybody that much in a real long time. My band shared an airport shuttle with them in Barcelona. They piled onto the shuttle late, niggering everything in sight, motherfucking the driver, boasting into the air unbidden about getting their dicks sucked and calling everyone in the area a faggot. A female passenger tried to engage one of them in conversation, but he just stared at her with a dead-to-me stare while his seatmate flipped double birds in her face.

I am well aware good people can make ugly art and that ugly people can make good art. I am one hundred percent behind Odd Future’s right to rap about what they wanna rap about, but they go out of their way to make it clear that this is not a case of regular people making music about assholes, but assholes making music about being assholes.’


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  1. Thanks for publishing this information.It is really essential for me.

  2. Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain…”

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  4. Although I’m a big fan of rap music, I have to agree that sometimes rappers go over boards with their lyrics and ultimately with their stage persona. And you know what’s funny? In few years they will completely detach from their previous selves… denying everything they were in the past. Where’s the truth in that?

  5. Odd Future is very brash but that’s why a lot of people like them.


    Steve Albini has always do a great work of producing and incorporate musician and other person in this game

  7. Steve makes an important distinction here about !@#holes…made me laugh..well, back to work for me…

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