Steadfast HTX - Transmitters album cove

Steadfast HTX - Transmitters album coveSteadfast HTX: Transmitters


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Hailing from Houston Texas, Steadfast HTX follow up their single Old Scars with an album packed full of anthemic fists in the air chant along punk rock.


The definition of Steadfast: (adjective) resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering. The bands music lives up to the name. I’d describe their sound as earnest and sincere, good honest doggedly determined punk rock n roll. No subtleties or hidden meanings here, everything is upfront and in your face. That isn’t in any way a criticism, sometimes you need your music raw and sincere. That’s what you get with Steadfast HTX. The opening title track is like an instruction for the rest of the album “Turn it all the way up to the limit” sings Jason Bancroft. Do as the man asks, then sit back and enjoy. Alternatively jump around your living room like a madman to the stadium sized thunderous riffs while screaming along to terrace styled choruses.

Musically, Jason and Travis Smith’s guitars crunch and sing, with screeching slides and meaty riffs, Andrew Wupper (of Texas Mod Crushers fame) keeps the band in line with his sonorous bass thundering along and Charlie Price at the back pounds the drums to within an inch of their lives.


Look at some of the track titles and you’ll know what I mean about the unyielding resolve that oozes from the band – My Conviction (“There’s one thing you can’t change, it’s my conviction”), Integrity (“don’t tell us lies, just tell us the truth”), Desperation Generation (“We’re the desperation generation, holding on to what is right”) and Thieves and Liars (“There’s nothing I hate more than thieves and liars”). The lyrics are packed with solemn conviction, honesty and integrity (the song titles are writing this for me…). Note for note the roaring compelling rhythms match the staunch passionate lyrics word for word. To paraphrase an old punk, they mean it maaaan.

The band have one speed. Full throttle. Don’t expect any ballads, Just Disbelievers almost lulls you into that feeling until it bursts into life. The mosh pit at the end of a Steadfast HTX gig would be a heaving sweaty mass of bodies. Actually, I tell a lie, they aren’t all full throttle, a couple of the album highlights: Integrity, Land of Opportunity and the single Old Scars go one step further. Intense and passionate, they rock along apace. Integrity has a sweet bass break while Land of Opportunity is their Born in the USA, the title seemingly a celebration of the country but the lyrics belying a certain disdain and dissatisfaction with the “American Dream”.

If you like your punk straight up and honest, foot to the floor with plenty of opportunity to release all your pent-up energy with a chant along chorus or three, this album is for you.

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All words by Neil Hodge. More writing by Neil on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Neil online at his blog thegingerquiff.

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