Introduced with a Nick Cave-esque grimace, and accompanied by a pack of musical foragers channeling Jim Morrison mid-trip, Other States are a 6 piece Brighton-based psychedelic indie band that tell desert stories of stragglers and strays.

Together with B-side ‘My Beau’ this release marks the introduction of a sextet building something brilliantly unique from their classic influences. A seductive tone and laidback groove underpins western style guitars and smooth Americana, all the while frontman Mark S. Aaron’s baritone croon spins romantic tales.

The project was first incepted on a 10 hour drive between Dallas and El Paso as keyboardist Mike Lord was halfway through a yearlong world tour engineering for post-punk legends The Cure. One phone call to the treacle-voiced, denim clad Aaron and it immediately took life. Song ideas filled a notepad as a 2 month long bus journey through the American outback inspired sinful visions and gothic tales.

Back home in the UK this notepad of rage and discovery was put to audible form by members of other long established Brighton bands (Spacenoid, Vels Trio, Black Black Hills, Mama’s Gun) who tore through the ideas with violent strokes, pruning the fat and forming a focused sound.

Their first single ‘Make Amends’ is a kraut infused glimpse into middle American life – perfect suburbia – with a Coen Brother’s style look at what exactly goes on behind the picket fence and twitching curtains.


Live Dates

25.07 – The Hope, Brighton

02.08 – The Victoria, London


For more information on Other States you can find them on Facebook   Soundcloud  & Instagram

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