standon calling 2015


The first bands have been announced for Standon Calling 2015 via the poster above. Click on it to see it full size.

It’s started … these cold nights have got us thinking of summer time when we shed off our clothes, dress up like Scoobie Doo and stay up past our bedtimes to dance in the grass to some of our favourite music. Our favourite weekend just outside North London, “Standon Calling” have already announced a few bands that’ll force our arms in the air for a few days in August that sharp eyed readers may have read about on this site and deemed one of our favourites.

They’ll be even more bands announced as time flies by but whilst sitting back and wondering how to plan your weekends later this year it may be worth reading what we said about the previous couple we covered:

Tickets available via the website:

Standon Calling’s on Facebook and twitter, as @standoncalling.

And here’s one of those promo vids they’ve made …


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