power trio impress
power trio impress

power trio impress
power trio impress

Standing By Statues
Bristol Pride
July 14th 2012
live review

This weekend I was at Bristol Pride, an event that is getting bigger and better each year. A few blocks away the EDL were marching behind police barricades which meant no-one could see their ugliness, and on the other side of the bridge an anti-fascist rally gathered in the park. I spoke briefly from the platform, followed by the soundtrack of JINXSTA JX “Love Music Hate Racists” (“it’s not who you vote in, it’s who you keep out”). I just manage to stop myself from telling the local TV that the EDL, who’d arrived by train and coaches, should “go back to where they came from”. Just as well, as that’s probably Luton, which is where I come from too. No love for the EDL in either place.

But Pride was where the fun was to be had. The music, it has to be said, isn’t usually the main attraction, for me at least. An LGBT choir camping it up to songs like All that Jazz and Dancing in the Street, and drag queens covering Lady Gaga. That sort of thing. But as I was hanging out with the Labour activists, giving out our extremely popular Never Kissed a Tory stickers, I heard some noise from the main stage and wandered over to investigate.

Three boys in skinny jeans were on stage and for the first few lines of vocals I almost dismissed them as standard indie fare. Until they started to make an almighty racket. Turns out they’re called Standing by Statues. They used to be called the Fault. They’ve done some local gigs at venues like the Fleece and they have a song called I Eat Dreams for Breakfast.

Here’s the live version
and the “tidy” version…

They’re firmly in the tradition of other great three piece bands like Dinosaur Jr, the Lemonheads, Ash, Shellac, Husker Du, Supergrass – punky but poppy, and can make a real noise when they want to. They all look about 12 but are probably a little bit older, and the drummer is particularly good. One to watch I think.

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  1. I’ve seen these guys at the Fleece a couple of times, well worth a visit. Looking forward to seeing them at the O2.


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