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Staggs: A Rum Do 

 m.t. scott: the Broken EP   both on  German Shepherd Records 

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German Shepherd is a Salford-based label of love and arguably the most prolific low-budget, left-field purveyor of ‘different noises for your ears’ in the country, if not the world.  It is impossible to keep up with there releases. These two caught Ged Babeys eye…or rather ears. 


After being accused of ‘prattling on..’ in a Comment (I don’t take criticism well) I’ve decided to do some short-sharp, concise reviews. Plus, there is just so much stuff worthy of coverage.

My new-found love of electronica-with-punk-attitude lead me to these two. The un-capitalized m.t. scott is part of  duo Staggs.

A Rum Do is two songs; Don’t Call Me Satan and Robotomy. I prefer the latter as it is kinda the Normal meets Punishment of Luxury via Throbbing Gristle. File under Scary Disco.

The Broken EP is more down-tempo psycho-killer trip-hop and atmospheric gothic loner music. In a good way.  ‘Broken Eyes’ is  sinister Twin Peaksy cocktail jazz.  Broken Hands includes the line “I thank my lucky stars for those lovely scars…” which encapsulates the feel.

A crow caw-ing provides a punctuating beat to ‘A Done Deal’ and the Old Dansette is particularly theatrical, melodramatic and spooky.  Twangy guitars and hissed vocals and a real edge.  Don’t listen to this with the lights out for fucks sake.

Highly recommended for lovers of the strange and teetering on the edge of madness art-rock electronika-ka-ka and David Lynch aficionados.



Staggs      m.t. scott  facebook 

German Shepherd Records


All words by Ged Babey.



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