St Etienne looking as sexy from the back as the front : photo by Jules
St Etienne looking as sexy from the back as the front : photo by Jules

St Etienne looking as sexy from the back as the front : photo by Jules

St Etienne
Liverpool Kazimer
live review

St Etienne arrived in the middle of indie dance and went on to document our times with a brilliant series of albums that are quintessential British pop lyrically and musically. Their new album, ‘Words And Music’ is as good as ever and they have set out on their bi-annual short tour…

“This is our first gig in Liverpool since 1993 “ Sarah Cracknall announces a few songs into their sold out show at the Kazimir .

An audience member shouts back “I was there “ , “you must be old “ she replies , “So must you “ the scallywag retorts . Touche Sarah this is Liverpool and you will always get a smart response , but it’s a gentle crowd luvved up , doting and delighting in a rare appearance of a national treasure.

Tonight the club is a hot sweaty mix of grown up indie kids and old ravers, most of them were probably there 20 years ago too and are clearly loving the nostalgia and revisiting their youth . The band themselves have barely changed in appearance , Sarah Cracknall does a great job as frontperson sporting her trade mark feather boa and sparkly dress and exudes a confident quirky charm .Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley studiously hammer away at their retro synths hidden under a haze of projections .

The set though 70 mins long flashes by , the first half of the show showcases several songs from the new album which have more of a lo-fi pet shop boys / early 90’s dance vibe and shows what a classy but understated pop act they really are .The show is a great mix of blissed out , torch song northern soul pop pomp. The hits are played mixed in with songs from the current album ”Ëœ words and music by St Etienne ”Ëœ . New songs ”ËœPopular’ recent single’ Tonite’ and “When I was 17′ have a fresh energy about them and are greeted enthusiastically , but the party really gets into full swing when the band play the older hits ”ËœOnly love can break your heart’ and continues on with ”ËœNothing can stop us’ .

The show comes to an end with the encore ”“ ”ËœHes on the phone’ and the band look genuinely delighted by the response , hopefully they will return sooner , and whenever they do I bet it’s the same folk back to see them . I’ve never seen a gig where people have left with such a sense of shared satisfaction ”“ it was a long wait but sometimes that can make it so much sweeter .We Kissed and made up all over again .

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