latest promote shot of the Stone Roses hints at unlikely influence...

latest promote shot of the Stone Roses hints at unlikely influence...It’s been an Internet rumble that the new Stone Roses single, ‘All For One’ is built around a guitar line that is very similar to The Fall’s classic ‘Squid Lord’.

Music scientists have been indulging in deep studies and have concluded that it is indeed very close but the next step is trickier.

Despite the fact that The Fall line up at the time included Roses school mate and original drummer, Funky Si, on drums could the two songs be related? Did John Squire spend 20 years working his way through thousands of Fall riffs and leaving his Led Zeppelin collection well alone?


We guess that in the Stone Roses two decade break Squire had time to go through every single Fall song in search of riffs to try and construct the Stone Roses third coming or maybe he just found the same riff on the guitar whilst trying to play Paperback Writer or made up the riff himself one afternoon or Funky Si popped round with a Fall Peel session box set to help along the Roses guitar man…


Whatever way it pans out if it gets more people listening to the Fall then we are on a winner.

Judge for yourself here…

The Fall ‘Squid Lord’


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