Sick of the ludicrous bankers bonuses that show no sign of ever stopping? bored of the way the corporates and the banks seem to operate beyond any moral code or law? tired of the way they flaunt their wealth and call people on the dole scroungers? bemused at just what ‘we’re all in together’ means?
Squatters occupy Manchester bank in protest at bonuses

A group of squatters have staged a protest against staff bonuses at the Royal Bank of Scotland – by occupying a flat above a branch of the bank in West Didsbury.

As far as I know the squat is still going on so go and show your support to the campaigners who have taken over a property on the first floor of the building on Lapwing Lane, making their point very clear by unfurling banners from the window protesting about the outrageous bonuses.

The campaigners moved into a property on the first floor of the building in Lapwing Lane and unfurled banners protesting at the bonuses paid out by the bank, which has a branch on the ground floor.

The flat is owned by a private landlord and not the RBS, meaning the bank is powerless to prevent the protest.

RBS, which is 84 per cent owned by the taxpayer, announced last month that it was paying £950m in bonuses to its investment bankers.

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