spooky wagons in colour coverSpooky Wagons (self released)

In Colour EP


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9 / 10

Bands come and go, perfect musical moments frozen in time. Coventry’s great unsigned pop stars Spooky Wagons are splitting up and the musical landscape is a little tiny bit duller for it. Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham has been listening to their last EP, called In Colour, and thinks it’s a fine goodbye.

Spooky Wagons are a perfect mix of melody, bright pop music and youth. They come across as just a bunch of kids making the music that they love, but the sound is instilled with a depth of emotion and feeling that takes you by the hand and leads you right in.

I imagine a night out with this lot would involve lots of laughter, lots of falling down and lots and lots of drink. Pretty much summed up on ‘Paint the Town’ a recurring theme for them is the joy of just living, celebrating being young and up for everything.

The love songs really pull at the heart strings, ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ is sad, and so sweet. Nathan’s voice sits perfectly inside the delicate music. Nothing is wasted here. There is no fat, everything is trimmed back to make the perfect pop song.

Four songs of youth, four songs of love and four songs that make the world a little richer for being in it.


You can find Spooky Wagons on the interwebs here: spookywagons.com. They’re also on Facebook and Tweet as @SpookyWagons.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More writing by Adrian can be found at his author’s archive.


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