'Shellshock Rockers' CD

Spit Records announce ‘Shellshock Rockers’ CD release
'Shellshock Rockers' CD

Spit Records have released details of their forthcoming second release; ”ËœShellshock Rockers’ ”“ the 24trk album will be available from the first week of December and will be strictly limited to just 500 CD’s – the release gathers together some of the most vital, sulphate fuelled rarities to have eminated from the Northern Irish punk rock scene, as such it might be wise to pre-order your copy…

The label was set up in early 2011 with the aim of releasing previously unreleased late 70’s, and early 80’s recordings by Northern Ireland’s Punk and New Wave bands; the first release being The Outcasts ”ËœVive Lyon’ (LTW review)

All the tracks featured have been culled from the best existing recordings (original digital audio tape and reel to reel etc) and then they have been faithfully re mastered in the studio:

1. The Androids ”ËœLipstick Heroes’
2. Ex-Producers ”ËœNewer Wave ”Ëœ79′
3. Shock Treatment ”ËœOn The Line’
4. White Noise ”ËœBBC/UTV’
5. The Co-ordinates ”ËœWe’re Only Monsters’
6. Acme ”ËœJealousy’ (Bailie)
7. The Androids ”ËœNine To Five’
8. Ex-Producers ”ËœP-Check’
9. Shock Treatment ”Ëœ(This Weeks) Manchester’
10. White Noise ”ËœConscious’
11. The Co-ordinates ”ËœMercenary’
12. Acme ”ËœBeer Hall In Munich’ (Bailie)
13. The Androids ”ËœTerminal Breakout’
14. Ex-Producers ”ËœNever Before Never Again’
15. Shock Treatment ”ËœThis Must Be Love’
16. White Noise ”ËœCollege Boy’
17. The Co-Ordinates ”ËœPrelude’
18. Acme ”ËœJohnny Can’t Play’
19. The Androids ”ËœSuggestions?’
20. Ex Producers ”ËœThe System Is Here’
21. Shock Treatment ”ËœFuture Plans’
22. White Noise ”“Spidermen’
23. The Co-Ordinates ”ËœDisco’
24. Acme ”ËœBad News’

Full LTW review to follow

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