Hailing from Kent, SPINNER was the brainchild of Sammie Harris and Ryan Sams, who found their bass player James Greenhow almost three years ago. Charismatic frontman Sammie has been playing since he was nine and this shows as he can write a good catchy tune. Rising from the ashes of his last band Touriste, surviving a car accident and dealing with mental health issues, this guy has honed his craft to produce a cracking EP.

The four songs on offer My New Face, Wishing Well, Rise and Setting Sun are in the vein of bands like Temples, Toy, Tame Impala. Psychedelic hazy pop songs with killer hooks that are catchy as fuck and worm their way into your headspace. You can hear the influences in there from the likes of The Kinks, The Verve, The Doors, however they have created a retro sound that belongs to them and they look great live. The trio sound like they’ve been doing this for years going off  the quality of the songwriting. Make your own minds up. They sound promising.



Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his website here:



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