Spectral ft Shaun Ryder: Zip Zap Zoom – single preview

Impact Date 31/07/2020 via Virtual Label
What do you get if two musicians John Robb (Membranes, Gold Blade) and Matthew Shaw (Tex La Homa), both from different musical backgrounds, get together to create a virtual band? Then rope in Manc legend Shaun Ryder on vocal duties? An excellent little trip into dub tech territory with Shaun yet again coming up with his comical goods? This has all the hallmarks of John’s gothic bass trademark, a proper weird dub bass techno trip hop feel overlaid with Shaun’s hallmark genius telling us the tale of his Salford UFO experiences when he was 15 years old.
The lyrics and vocals are from Shaun Ryder, he tells a tale of a visitation by a UFO on the streets of Salford. It’s a first hand story of wonder and awe. explained at length in his book ‘What Planet Am I On?’, Shaun has a long standing fascination with UFO’s and Zip Zap Zoom is the original story of where this all began for him.
As Louder Than War boss says…
“At a druidic event last year celebrating the invisible temples of long lost London – the sacred mound of eminence. Matthew was in the white robes and I was following ancient energies. It led me to this place by the Thames and we were instantly fascinated by the layers of history beneath the city but also the layers of history to come. The only way we could articulate this was through pop culture. Matthew created beats and drones and I added an earthen organic of bass, melodica and guitars. With our spectral energy we tapped into Shaun Ryder’s shimmering aura and he transported his description of the beyond and UFO’s to us – it was a perfect meld. Spectral is not a band but an electric. psychic dancehall with all comers welcome.”
A virtual band for virtual times, Spectral were born beneath carved Saxon stone and rusting panoramic steel. They were born out of virus and lockdown and are the sound of dystopia and murmuration. They are the future and the past. They are AI and the revenge of nature. They are the wisdom of techno druids and instinct of feral deep England. They are Norman Foster future cityscape and the answer to the mystery of stone circles.
Zoom zoom zoom ZOOM!!!
Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here 
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