Spector: Trafalgar Square – live review

Trafalgar Square, London,
29th August 2012

Hot on the heels of gigs with Florence & The Machine and The Horrors earlier in the year the hotly tipped Dalston five piece Spector played a gig of their own last week in Trafalgar Sq. Roison Kelleher was there for us & her report of the show is below.

These guys look good, are quotable, and, as I discovered tonight, they are a brilliant live band. Their engagement with the crowd is spot on; they are comfortable on stage whilst at the same time bouncing with energy and putting all their might into each and every song. And the songs are brilliant. As is the crowd reaction to them, impressive considering the brief amount of time they’ve been around. They have, of course, been hyped to the max, and from tonight’s performance, I can see that they may well be the phenomenon they appear to be heading towards.

Spector: Trafalgar Square – live review

Fred Macpherson seems to be visually and audibly aiming somewhere between Morrissey and Damon Albarn, with humorous quips, bright attire, and baited, hook laden songs. He looks like the sort of guy who wears specs without any actual visual impairment (I don’t know the facts on this mind you). Also, for people interested in the visual side of things, they look better in real life than in photos.

Anyway, back to the most important thing. The Music. Every song is tuneful, catchy and full of easy to pick up on, repetitive lyrics. There are lots of sing-along inducing \’ooohs’ and \’la las’, and clapping for the crowd to join in with; there is nothing to dislike really. There’s a strong cluster of die-hard fans at the front requesting songs with such enthusiasm that an unwitting passer-by might think they were classics that have been around for years.

Overall, a very impressive set. I’ve liked them since hearing the infectious \’Grey Shirt and Tie’ (see above), but tonight has endeared me to them even more.

The set started with a projection of their debut album cover on the screen, and the words \’Enjoy It While It Lasts’ blazing for all to see. Cutely, it ended with the song \’Never Fade Away’. So, which will it be? Will they have time to enjoy themselves in the brief time it lasts? Or will they never fade? It is for you to decide. I for one will not be hoping they fade away too fast.

Spector’s website can be found here. They are on Twitter as @Spector and they also ‘do’ Facebook.

All words by Roisin Kelleher. Roisin is on twitter as @RoisinLKelleher

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