Spear Of Destiny: Crewe 10th May – live review

Spear Of Destiny
The Box, Crewe
Friday 10th May 2013

This was an unexpected and unplanned gig for me, but I was so pleased I went along to the first night of Spear’s annual Westworld event in Crewe.

I’ve seen Spear of Destiny many times over the years and they never disappoint. Kirk Brandon always deliver an emotional and committed performance and tonight was no exception.

Under the banner “Poland Calling”, Spear delivered what seemed almost like a “Best of” set, with classic after classic belted out in style. The loyal following who all gather in Crewe for this annual Spear-fest would not be disappointed.

Kicking off with their cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission”, Spear delivered as they always do. Power, energy, emotion – they never let you down. Ex-New Model Army guitarist Adrian Portas was on fine form all through the set, earning the plaudits from Brandon himself on his Facebook status later that night.

Classics like Rainmaker, The Wheel, Mickey, World Service and the grand finale of Liberator were all there, added to by Theatre of Hate’s Legion, Propaganda and Do You Believe in the Westworld? It was the prefect storming start to what promised to be a great weekend. Spear would re-appear the following night, performing their classic albums The Price and Outlands….supported by the more than able Folk Grinder and Ruts DC.

With the “supergroup” line up of Kirk Brandon, Adrian Portas, Craig Adams and Mike Kelly, you will always have a good night with Spear of Destiny. Make a date with them soon!

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