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Spam Javelin

Spam Javelin ‘Fake News / Alabama Hot Pocket’ (Link 2 Wales Music)
Rel Date Fri 7th June 2019

North Wales noise makers and purveours of sexual slang Spam Javelin have just released lead single “Fake News / Alabama Hot Pocket” ahead of the much anicipated debut album “The Crack Whores Of Betws Garmon”.

I’m not sure exactley how many aforementioned crack whores reside in the idyillic community of Betws Garmon, a picturesque hamlet better know for housing the summit of Snowden, but I’m pretty sure those that do will love this loud, and snotty assault to the senses.

“Fake News” is possibly the bands finest work to date and demonstrates them pushing their ambition, they take their sound further than they ever have before; less hardcore thrash more measured aggression built around a neat guitar riff which has time to breath, whilst the bass provides greater depth supported by pounding drums, the result is more sonically precise, which raises the intensity to match the lyrical barbs spat out by frontman Crud as he rounds on social media, and the head numbing effect of TV and rejects the lot as a population suppressing con.

Familiar with an “Alabama Hot Pocket”? Maybe you refer to it as ‘space docking’? Either way, alongside those crack whores, Crud clearly knows some interesting people; if you intend on spending time with him I’d suggest Purell and wet wipes at the ready!

This one clocks in at the sub two-minute mark, and of that the first 10 seconds are a stuttering telephone message from a lady announcing she is having an ‘Alabama hot pocket’ to celebrate her partners recent promotion at work – that must be some leap up the career ladder for her to welcome an ‘Alabama’ reward… check it out via the Urban Slang Dictionary. Anyway, the pace is reduced to create an abrasive, heavy, brooding instrumental that further demonstrates the musical range of the band, its taut, almost claustrophobic and is a ready indicator of great things to come within the expected album.

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“The Crack Whores Of Betws Garmon” will be released on vinyl and CD via Link To Wales Records in July 2019.


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