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Following on from their Gideon Coe 6 music appearances, Edinburgh’s Sons Of The Descent have released via Brawsome Productions their brilliant debut album, Lazy Glamour. With influences on the album as diverse as David Bowie, Happy Mondays and Wire you will not be disappointed with this monster groove cauldron of an album.

Look At The Sky: Opens with New Order type keyboard and Mark E Smith drooling vocals, then dips into a Happy Mondays Loose Fit type groove. Great opening to the album and gives hints as to the rest of the album.

You Don’t Have To Know My Name: Sounds similar to Harmony from Pills n Thrills n Bellyaches, but has its own originality to the song and catchy chorus

Flighty: Juddering into focus with haunting vocals with some subtle synths and a futuristic Kraftwerk type beat ala Neon Lights.

Dolphin and Elm: Lyrically dark, with some beautiful guitar work, and a soft and subtle beat, gives it that end of night feel but with a rhythm that’ll have you nodding in agreement.

Situation In Your Head: When I first heard this I got tinges of Bowie throughout, maybe that’s the reason for Gideon Coe’s ‘I really like that’ comment. This track certainly has a spaceman feel, maybe this should be the soundtrack to the next intergalactic trip.

Reports From The Colonies: Another beauty of a song here. Crackling vocals with a hornpipe type keys wistfully carries the beat and song along. Beautiful.

Golden Misfits: A Wire type vibe to this one. Heavy drums and some eerie keyboard and echoing vocals delve the song into a mystic type vibe.

Charisma Sans Charlie: Loose guitar strumming and a grizzly hypnotic vocal helps move this one forward.

Harm Is No Answer: If Captain Beefheart was still around this would be the type of song he’d be mastering. Secret voices, keys and guitars flowing here and there and everywhere, with a scratchy vocal, he’d be prowling the stage looking for the sax to add a mad solo.

My Mind Will Shine: With what sounds like Sir Patrick Moore reading the weather report at the start, another haunting groove to this one. Mid song it opens up to some sunshine guitars and an almost breakbeat short drum solo. Great stuff!

Deep Sea Buffalo: ‘Let Me Tell You About Something’ opens the final song and again a knockout song replete with those swooning guitars and driving drums and what sounds like a Harp mid song. This song finishes the album as it started, shrouded in mystery full of brilliance. Top drawer lads!



Lazy Glamour is available online now at the usual places with physical product from their Bandcamp page

Review by Matt Mead. More writing by Matt can be found at his Louder Than War author archive.

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