Cockney east end rhythm machine MC Bruza has a great crackling voice that growls over this sparse and great track. Making his name with his pure cockney, the hypnotic groove and his dark delivery make for a hypnotic whole on this tune. The video is also total east end and features some great bike tricks and classic English staples like the red phone box and greasy spoon caffs…

Legendary MC Bruza, who made an appearance on the “Against All Odds” soundtrack on “Serious 2020”, is back with solo material, this time collaborating with producer Silencer (this is his second release of the day after Trouble with P Money) for his new track: “Pick It Up”.

Bruza speaks on being out of the game for a long time: “You know how it is, been out for a bit, been out of the bits, been out of the loop”. But now he is back spitting heat over yet another sick beat from Silencer.

This is a great return to solo music from Bruza and hopefully sees a resurgence of one of the legends of the grime scene.


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