Sonance: Like Ghosts (Self Released)
Out Now

A few weeks back Sonance released an absolute beast of an album which has had the kind of blogs that specialise in bands that can loosely be gathered together under the generic tag “doom laden drone monsters” going crazy.  Having heard this album now we reckon it’s time this album reached a larger audience. 

Sonance are from Bristol, they are five piece and this is their debut album. It only has two tracks. Track A is just over twenty two minutes and Track B is just under twenty. It’s intense.
The overriding feeling for Side A is that of uncertainty. It’s uncertain which way to go, the way that the music twists from loud, screaming slowed down metal guitar into quiet stoned ambient. The music ebbs and flows, twists around itself slowly and falls into quiet understated drone. The vocal is at turns a growl and scream then quiet and soft. It matches the sound of the music surrounding it. It is an unformed melee of sound, the only structure the ebb and flow of the music like the tides of a deep black sea under the ground where no moon’s light falls yet the tides still move. The quiet interlude is the most disconcerting moment of the track, the music gets to you on a primal level with a sense of harm and menace. The noisier elements of the track are ultimately less satisfying.


Side B feels like walking slowly across a broken industrial landscape past burnt out buildings with a huge black sun hanging in the sky. It’s the sound of the world ending. There’s the sound of water running and flames burning behind the guitars until it fades down to the sound of fire. This fades to static and until guitar bass and drums remerge and the voice joins in as the sound turns to metal once again.

This is an ambitious and far reaching record, the disparate sounds are woven together and something new is formed. Sonance have created a monster, let’s see where they take this next. The album is available on the bands bandcamp page where you can listen to the tracks and let them into your head.


Buy the album and hear the songs here:

Vinyl will be available from Sonance’s Bigcartel in 2013 some time.

Find Sonance on Facebook, Twitter (@SonanceNoise) and Youtube.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More articles by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive here.


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