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As the name might suggest the new EP, Carrion, from Solanas’ Sons has a sinister edge. The bass heavy rock and dissolute vocals fit together perfectly to produce the music of dystopia.

Oldeuboi has a driving rhythm and plenty of bombast; aural assault of the highest quality. The vocals have a feverish edge and fit perfectly with the brutal musical onslaught.  This is a great rock track and Solanas’ Sons blitz their way through it.

Hilltops is a psychological attack with the protagonist watching from above. There are some surf guitars at the beginning but the song becomes much darker as it develops. The guitars rollercoaster along. The sense of oppression is deepened by the afflicted vocal delivery. Another excellent offering.

Slow and rhythmic, Dummy God has a grunge feel over a more subdued rock/blues base. The track is a slow burner which comes to life during the chorus sections and the bass solo. The vocals take a leading role; a suitably tormented theatrical performance from Jack Howarth.


The next track on Carrion, Bite Your Tongue and Fingers Burnt, starts with some lighter guitar work, which works well against the deeper vocals. The tortured feel of the vocals and some excellent guitars are introduced as the piece develops. This is an epic track and the longest on the EP at over 8 minutes. It has a suitably sombre air and the lyrics and musical content are good enough to sustain the feel throughout.

Great crashing guitars take centre stage in She. The track is a shimmering blitz in places, then a repeating riff takes over laying a solid foundation for the vocals. The track pushes towards a final exciting crescendo finishing the Carrion EP on a high.

Carrion is an excellent taster of the twisted excellence Solanas’ Sons have to offer. The EP is stimulating and memorable.  There is enough lush guitar work and remarkable vocal delivery on Carrion to make it well worth a listen. This band are ones to watch.

Album cover art by Charlotte Frolish and Will Howorth

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All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She Tweets as @RoxyG100.

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