Stone Roses onstage
Stone Roses onstage


So how will this Stone Roses album out?


Let's look at what we know first.

The band have been rehearsing for months and there is talk of new songs existing. Ian Brown himself told us that there were new songs, 'psychedelic pop' he said and reaffirmed this in another conversation a few months later. Members of the inner circle have heard stuff and say it sounds great. So it seems like there is a work in process.


The band could quite easily not release anything and just play the greatest hits for ever like the Pixies do. Somehow the Pixies seem to get away with this, I'm not sure if I have ever seen a bad review of a band who have mercilessly flogged their greatest hits on the live circuit for more than decade. Flogged so much that a reforming band who play no new songs have become called the 'Pixies syndrome'.


The Stone Roses have sneaked new music into their set with the ten minute meltdown of Fools Gold which is forever shape shifting into something else and may give clues to where they could be heading with its long loose jam and stunning playing, although this contradicts with Ian Brown's take on the band writing psychedlic pop.


Many people ask if they will play new songs live but that doesn't make any sense if you look at the way they are operating. This is a band who have done no interviews yet, just that one legendary press conference heralding the come back. This is a band who managed to rehearse in Manchester for months with no one knowing. The Stone Roses are playing their cards very close to their chest and it would seem surprising for them to play new stuff live and for it then to be all over YouTube- that's just a hunch though.


Maybe the Roses album could come out like the recent My Bloody Valentine album- out of the blue and all of a sudden with an announcement and a website- hopefully the Roses website would not crash all night like the Valentines one if they went with this course of action. Of course having the Valentines already doing this makes things tricky- the surprise has lost its element of surprise!


The sudden release, though, still seems to be the most exciting way of getting the release out there. No reviews, just a sudden appearance of a long awaited album.

Could it be this year? There are only two time slots that make any sense- in May just before the big summer festivals and in the autumn before any kind of tour that could be put into place or maybe early next year with a whole new plan of action built around it. Would America be a factor? Would Coachella be a convenient launch pad for an album in a country where the band are a cult and not legendary yet like in the UK? Or would Coachella be a chance to start a buzz and a follow up tour of 2000 capacity venues a consolidation?


Whatever, it's intriguing trying to second guess the bands's plans…




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  1. Lesson 10. Ian Brown, press conference to announce reformation: ‘It’s not a trip down memory lane’. ‘Do not give the game away’. Is the what releasing new material is called nowadays?

  2. I’m guessing it will have slightly out of tune vocals and lame indie guitars and expensive production to cover up a lack of ideas

    • Released on the 31st of may? Anounced at the premier with rehersal footage in the film?

      There were rumors ages ago it would be out in May.

  3. RT @louderthanwar: So how will the Stone Roses album come out?: So how will this Stone Roses album out? Let's look at… httpss:// …

  4. Could they easily get away with an endless nostalgia tour like the Pixies? Don’t think so, people expect more of The Roses.Something new needs to come out fairly soon & I’ve no doubt it will

  5. RT @louderthanwar: So how will the Stone Roses album come out?: So how will this Stone Roses album out? Let's look at… httpss:// …

  6. These guys have great minds and a lot to say that we wanna hear. I don’t believe someone who sings “you won’t miss your water till your well runs dry” would ever quit expressing himself. And neither would John and the others. They all are fountains of creativity. They’ll have a new album for sure. If they are taking their time, that’s fine as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been waiting for more than 15 years and it’s just fine. Some bands release an album per year that are terrible. I believe they’re actually working hard on this, they wanna give their best. They have a lot of preassure because they’re the Roses and they respect the audience and wanna do it right. I would personally leave it for autum or September. Because so many people are releasing their album this spring, apart from Radiohead. It’s not like it really should be a problem though.

  7. just the work Ian Brown and Mani have done since the split make it an exciting prospect. Add Squire and Reni back in the mix and back on their game and this could be epic.

  8. ‘you never miss your water ’till your well runs dry’ is well old! Gene Vincent sang it in the 50’s ‘rocky road blues’, and that was a cover song! So not the best example of Browns’ creativity. Just sayin.

  9. It’s gonna be awesome however long it takes… ian brown does not fuck about he’s not made a bad album to my ears…. Can’t believe people still question his singing “abilities” the man has the message, he delivers it straight…. what the fuck do people want auto tuned note perfect lifelessness or the real thing from the heart?

  10. They will be releasing new “stuffs”, remember the press conference, it will be worth the wait, they are the most influential band since the beatles, patience will be rewarded, anyway am off to see them in Paris on the 3rd, gonna be epic.

  11. Interesting tweet doing the rounds last night, some punter supposedly holidaying in the same place as John Squire.
    Got chatting, asked him about plans for more gigs. Squire said next year was all about the new album, mainly recording it.
    So we could be looking at ANOTHER year’s wait.


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