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Snakerattlers ‘This Is Rattlerock’ (Moon Skull Records)
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From the molten ashes of The Franceens emerge Snakerattlers with their debut release, the title ‘This Is Rattlerock’ being a declaration of intent, a clarion call to the dispossessed…a call of the wighat perhaps!

‘This Is Rattlerock’ draws from rock ‘n rolls primitive past, from the first stirrings in the hissing primordial goo, through to the obvious influences of traditional rockabilly greats like Link Wray, legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale and not surprisingly The Cramps which is where we enter with opener ‘I Won’t Hold Back’ – had Bryan Gregory still been around he would certainly have appreciated this homage to the ‘Psychedelic Jungle’, ominously dark, grinding guitar; vocals yelped in another room…a trash gem, whilst ‘Let You Go’ is a 2min pedal to the metal scorcher powered by a nagging guitar riff and stripped bare drum refrain leading into self-mythologizing ‘Rattlerock Rumble’ essentially a brooding instrumental peppered with lupine howls from frontman Dan Oliver Gott…’ Oh My Love’ being the sort of paean to romance you really don’t want to hear, that date has not gone as you hoped should this be wafting from the hi-fi!

There are some neat surf licks during instrumental ‘Death Valley Driver’ again underpinned with storm cloud drum beats that will have the mosh-pits bouncing…’Sweet Sixteen’ was premiered as a pre-released video here at LTW; a crazed head rush of born bad desperate rock n’ roll complete with face melting garage distortion, and a guitar solo to do time for which all builds to the epic closer ‘Ripper Rattle Rock’ – 90 seconds of mangled guttural calls riding atop a thundering drum assault before imploding under its own intensity.

Snakerattlers have crafted together a genuinely savage collection of songs; songs that nail their influences proud, history is woven through the entire album, but they have enough invention to make them their own – this is indeed ‘Rattlerock’

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1. I Won’t Hold Back
2. Let You Go
3. Rattlerock Rumble
4. Oh My Love
5. Let The Devil In Your Soul
6. Death Valley Driver
7. The Love In Me
8. Sweet Sixteen
9. Bones
10. Ripper Rattle Rock

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